One of the presidential aspirants on the platform of the APC, Rochas Okorocha, has said a fellow aspirant, Bola Tinubu, is in distress. Okorocha said Tinubu feels the APC should compensate him with the presidency for his contribution to the party.
Appearing on Arise TV yesterday, the Imo West senator said Tinubu’s feeling is due to his lifelong ambition to be president following his contributions to the APC.
Rochas Okorocha- Tinubu
“I think it’s just natural and that everybody should know, and I don’t know what’s behind the mind of Tinubu but I respect him a lot. I think Tinubu is in distress because he feels that it’s time to compensate him on the basis of the role he played in the formation of APC, which some of us were part of it.
Rochas Okorocha- Tinubu
Rochas Okorocha
“So, everybody has a reason why he’s coming out and these things define power and strength. He (Tinubu) believed that he has made people and this is the time people should allow him or make him or something. More like a reward system.”
The former Imo governor stressed that the ruling party should zone the presidency to the Southeast in 2023.

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