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“My Pastor Stole My Wife, We Were Married For 12 Years…” –...

“My Pastor Stole My Wife, We Were Married For 12 Years…” – Nigerian Man Cries Out

Bright & Tina On Their Wedding Day

A Nigerian man took to Facebook to cry out after his pastor allegedly stole his wife.

The man identified as Bright Ben said he had been married to his wife, Tina Bright for 12 years and they have 3 kids, 2 girls, and a boy.

They were married traditionally and they also had a white wedding.

He said they started attending a church named World Bank Assembly in Eneka, obio/akpor LGA Rivers state headed by Pastor Moses Adeeyo who is the General Overseer.

His wife was given a position in the church not long after.

Bright & Tina

Bright alleged that his wife absconded from home one fateful day when he left for work and for the past seven months, she was no where to be found.

He said he serached everywhere and was moreso frustrated about it because he had no altercation with his wife that made her to leave the house.

He received the shock of his life after seven months when wedding pictures of his wife and the pastor surfaced on the internet.

Their Three Children

Bright also alleged that pastor Moses Adeeyo of the General Overseer of World Bank Assembly, used to mediate for him and his wife in the past when they had family issues, but never knew he had a hidden agenda.

See What He Wrote Below

Pastor Moses & Tina

See How Nigerians Reacted

It’s the name of the church for me “World Bank “

Main husband is even finer than the pastor, beaury and the beast 😂

Church named World Bank Ministry.. Oga, you should’ve ran at that point. 😂

How church name go be world bank assembly n u self go dey attend

No be Juju be that??? 😮😮😮

The woman sef, see who she choose over her fine husband ☹️

Plus 😂 the kissing no be here mouth saturation 😂😔👌

Wahala be like ministry 😂😂

😂😂😂 pastor weaver! 👏👏

Maybe u maltreated ur wife Nd she moved with her spiritual director

These Pastors be deceiving you men and gbenshing your brainwashed and gullible wives on the low. Serves y’all overly religious persons right.

The Irony is that Church members attended the wedding with the Pastor ! No be juju be that ? 😂😂😂😂

Allow him to take her ..u will find true love…she wil surely abandon d pastor for another man😂

One of the reasons why I worship God in my house!

Ah. Imagine o. God will judge

“World Bank” 😂😂😂


People way carry pastor for head😂🤣🤣 daddy wa

Maybe the Holy Spirit ministered unto him to take your wife 😂

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