Dwayne Johnson or “The ROCK” needs no introduction. The former wrestler and one of Hollywood’s highest-paid actors is drop-dead gorgeous and does ply his trade like The Rock (Oh well, we didn’t have anyone to make the comparison).


Dwayne admits even in his movies that his height and physique are the outcomes of what he eats. Remember in one scene from Fast and Furious where he downs a mountain of pancakes? So yeah… He eats!!!

If you want to look like the former wrestler whose appearances in movies like Fast & Furious, Hercules, The Mommy returns, the Scorpio king just had us shouting, “oh my ovaries!” You gotta eat like him.

fad76a4f16a755ef19b97cdd2221d838d9df7b87e6f8a503c6f1e9f40e11cca1_large.jpg​The meals he consumes are a perfect combination of Carbs, proteins, and fats. In order to maintain his legendary physique, he takes more than 5000 calories a day. His backbreaking workout and fortitude towards a fixed diet brought him closer to success.

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Let’s check what Dwayne eats…

Egg whites

Johnson’s diet is incomplete without these high protein items. He consumes 12 eggs in a day, which go as two whole eggs in breakfast before a workout and, an omelet made of 10 egg whites post workout as breakfast.


Johnson includes healthy carbs in his diet. Oatmeal with 66% carbohydrates, fulfill his deficiencies of fiber and lowers the cholesterol level. He eats one cup of oatmeal in the morning before a workout.


Sweet potato

This vitamin A factory is devoured by the rock in the morning post work out. It fulfills the glitch of essentials vitamins and minerals like vitamin A, Vitamin C, calcium, Iron, Vitamin B-6, and magnesium. He consumes 24 OZ of sweet potato daily, 12 Oz in breakfast and 12 oz. during the night.

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Whether white or brown, rice has a significant role in Johnson’s diet. He consumes 4 cups of boiled rice as lunch. He consumes 2 cups for his first lunch and 2 cups for his second lunch. Rice is the main source of carbohydrate after oatmeal for him.


Chicken breasts

Earlier, Johnson’s diet included Codfish for accomplishing his protein targets. But, due to certain health issues, he replaced it with chicken breasts. These have a major stake to complete the insufficiency of necessary saturated and unsaturated fats within his body. Also, these have 62 percent of protein in 31 gm. The intake of 8oz Chicken breasts compliments Rice during lunch time.

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Steak compensates the whole glitch of fats, Vitamin B-6 and B-12 in Johnson’s body. He consumes 8Oz. steak in dinner daily. Though it has higher levels of cholesterol, those are compensated by him during the workout.


Cheat meals

Sometimes it is really hard to keep control of certain food cravings. Therefore, to calm those cravings down, Johnson includes pizzas and doughnuts in his cheat meals.


Important tip:

Dwayne Johnson or “The ROCK” divides his diet into seven meals. This avoids overeating as well as frequent hunger spanks.

Ahan!!! Slow Nod.

Are you ready?

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