Thursday, July 9, 2020
For Guys | 7 Best Ways To Pleasure Yourself

For Guys | 7 Best Ways To Pleasure Yourself


Guys, who have been long in the game, know that there is more than one way to please yourself sexually. You could either have good old fashioned sex, watch porn or choose the solo option which is masturbation.

Now, if masturbation is how you like to get down, then there is a chance that you never fully enjoy it since you are probably rushing it.

You should know, that rushed masturbation never really helps you hit the level of orgasm you desire and because of that, you spend all that time jerking off for nothing. It’s all “meat-beating and no pleasure”.

To help you enjoy your next solo-love session, here are 7 best ways to pleasure yourself (thoroughly)

1. Don’t Ignore The Perineum

The perineum is the area between the penis and the anus. It’s full of nerve endings and very sensitive, so providing some vibration or stimulation to it can often feel really good.

You could either rub it slowly back and forth or press a vibrating sex toy against it, or do both.

2. Finger Your Butt… If You Like

The anus has a lot of nerve endings and stimulating those nerves, feels really good. You can work your way up from your prostate to your anus.

3. Switch Up Your Stroking Speed

If you always have a problem with reaching orgasm during sex with your partner it is probably because they are gripping your penis too tight or stroking too hard. This is called as the death grip.

Switch up the speed and grip to what’s more comfortable for you, but not too intense. We suggest that you go slow and smooth.

4. Have You Tried Edging?

Edging also known as the stop and start method is when you reach the point of climax and then give yourself time to calm down before starting again.

This method can help you achieve more intense orgasms. If you do this right before your big break you will experience more profound and intense orgasms.

5. Switch Hands

You’re probably used to using one hand while masturbating, but for maximum pleasure try inviting both your hands to the party.

Use one hand to stroke your penis and use the other to stimulate your anus or perineum.

6. Use A Flesh Light

If you have access to one, using a fleshlight is highly recommended. A fleshlight is a sex toy that you can slide into your penis to get a feel of the vagina or anus.

It is like having sex with the real one, minus the person.

7. Don’t Neglect The Testicles

Your testicles have almost the same-sex specific nerve endings as your Penis, so don’t neglect them.

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