This man was bragging to his friend how he “useless” this gal who has been busy forming hard to get. In the morning. In the Bus. Too much information. I was angry.

“How many minutes did you even last? I wanted to know like it was my business.

‘Huh?! ” He was shocked at my enquiry. Perhaps he was only interested in forming baddo or didn’t know his voice was loud or that my headphones was just for show.

These yeye boys that will be claiming they have used 30 girls but we know it is only 2 minutes they used to last in bed so technically, they have had only 60 minutes of sex their entire life.

“You that use to last for only 5minutes, you too want to brag about using somebody” I sneered before he gained balance. I didn’t know him oh, I just hoped it was those days I am discerning.

“Ermmm, hummmmm, Ermmm, he stammered “Why I go pass 5 minutes? Na football match I dey play? Was his best comeback.

I was right. Everyone in the bus was laughing, even his friend didn’t spare him.

“You no go even fit play football self” I was in my elements.

“Oga if na 5minutes you do, you need to go apologize to the girl now now” one beard gang with deep sexy voice was not mincing words.
“As you dey here sef, the babe go done tell her friends say you no get level at all,
“In fact na she use you like this oh” The guy beard gang had his Warri tone on point.
“But no be 5 minutes I do oh” Mr. User started saying but his voice shook, he was without confidence.

“Na lie!!” We jumped on him. We laughed and talked about sex till we got to Oshodi. Every time User looked at me, I winked, he shook his head.

All these boys and girls will not be celibate like me. Be wasting Body Counts for on top lousy sex and yeye people. Mtchewwww.

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