It is the second chapter of Genesis that confusion sets in. The first chapter had  said that God created mankind, male and female he created them. But an attempt to expand in chapter two has some men advocating in churches and social media how women were an afterthought of God. One, went ahead to say that women are even lower than lizards in the order of creation.

Truth is, if you want to bring that leg, man was created last in both chapters so it doesn’t look like men were the priority on God’s list anyways.

So most likely this claims that women are afterthought is just to suit warped patriarchal thinking and justify female subjugation.

Now,  let’s look at it this way. Perhaps they are right. Perhaps God had plans to create only Adam but then when Adam started jumping around like one of the Monkeys, God was like, oops! Kolewerk!

“This one will not fulfil purpose and destiny, he doesn’t have directions, a disaster all by himself.”

So God admitted to his first mistake, called off his vacation and started work on the female spec. To create Man 2.0 he needed a different material, he needed better.

When he finished, even Adam was shocked, man who had never spoken more than one word at a time started dishing bars of wisdom despite waking from serious anesthesia. Revelation hit him a thunder bolt and he screamed.

“I will call this one WOW MAN abeg, this one pass me” He exclaimed.

So even if women were God’s afterthought, how are they supposed to be beneath man? Is iPhone 7 beneath Nokia 3310, yes the former is physically stronger and has torch on its head, so? A day is like a thousand years, God became wiser and made enhanced mankind the next day.

You see how easy we can turn scriptures too to suit our whims? Please don’t be foolish.

In the last day, there will not be “Lord, they told me I was second thought, Lord, I was being a good help meet, Lord, I was busy being submissive,” you will stand there and give account of your gifts, talents and life as a whole human created to full capacity, formed and redeemed with the very breathe and blood of God.

Live your life. Own it wow-man!

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