We all came into the world single, even twins come out individually so, there is nothing wrong with being single.

That being said, you as an adult, some factors may warrant your current state of being single which you may or may not have realised.

Here are some reasons why you’re still single;

Money: As we all know, is a major means of payment. Money is the major way most transactions are carried out.

Now, as a person who wants to go into a relationship, you must have considered the financial aspects. Are you currently able to take care of yourself comfortably? If yes, then you’re on the right track, because, you do not want to get into a relationship as a broke person and start becoming a parasite to your other half.

Money is very vital in relationships because it is very important in showing how much you value your other half, it could be as cash gifts or as gifts which can be purchased by money or also for outings, surprises and all those beautiful things.

So, the question is, are you capable of financing a second person? If not, then you know you’re not on the path to a good relationship, because, as stated earlier, a very good advantage to have going into a relationship is money. Build yourself, get busy and earn some money for yourself and the future Love of your life.

Mentality : This has to do with your reasoning. What’s the purpose of your wanting to be in a relationship? Are you one of those who think that whomever you’re going to date is one that must be heading to marriage?

In this case, you’d most likely go a long way before getting into a relationship because your priorities will be to get everything required to settle down before getting a partner.

Also, religion plays a major role in this case too, as many would love to live a ‘righteous life’ and that usually doesn’t involve having a partner for just fun or flex.

Or are you on the table where it’s like a rehearsal of what is to come in the future, so, you put yourself out there to know what it feels like?

In this case, there’s a chance you’ll be in and out of relationships which may not be healthy, but, this also could be your reason for staying away.

Heartbreak: The English dictionary defines it as an overwhelming mental anguish or grief, especially that caused by loss or disappointment.

One way or the other everyone has been heartbroken, either by a loved one or by losing a loved one to death or by someone who didn’t come through.

In this case, though, it’s heartbreak due to being dumped or cheated on and the likes. There’s a huge possibility that you’re single because you’re afraid of a heartbeat, as you’ve heard stories of how devastating it could be.

You may be on the side where you’ve suffered heartbreak and it was so bad you don’t want to be in another relationship for fear of feeling that again.

Well, there’s a proverb that says “If a farmer will not plant because of thieves, he will die hungry”.

So, as much as heartbreak can be very hurting and dreadful, pick up yourself and try again, cos you know deep down you want to feel all that Love again


A lot of people love their space, they want to almost always be on their own, and they’ve become very comfortable in their own company that when they go out, they can’t wait to be back home in their safe zone. Many single persons do fall under this category and because they can’t or have refused to share their space with others, the relationship becomes an issue.

They have to learn to give out information, share their feelings, secrets and trust with people which they’re not used to.

There are other options not stated in this piece but then, there’s nothing wrong with being single. If you must stay single, have good friends who you can relate with and try to live a free life and if you’re on the dating side of life you’re doing great also.

Keep putting great effort into becoming a better person for yourself and then your partner (if any).


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