They say that when you are happy, you just enjoy music but when you are sad, you begin to hear the words in the song and they hit deep. Music is more than just a combination of fantastic beats and great punchlines. It is life to those who love it. One could be sad and a simple song would change all that. Personal battles have been fought and won because of music.

Fela Anikulapo Kuti fought many battles and spoke against various forms of injustice through music, which has so much to offer and if you pay attention.

One of these things could happen to you if you listen to music;

1. Your morals could be affected: Listening to songs these days especially rap and hip hop, you hear them promoting or glorifying , drugs, violence and of course nudity in videos all over the net. It is no doubt that these musicians are trying very hard to get your attention and keep it, hence the use of these methods. The morals and behaviour of youths over the years and now majorly is influenced by the kind of lyrics they are listening constantly to because these form a part of their moral compass. Because of the influence music has on behaviours and attitudes, we need to be deliberate about the messages contained in the songs, nothing wrong with writing songs with great relatable lyrics, the likes of Timi dakolo, Asa, Bez, Cobhams have done exceptionally well in this aspect.

2. Your emotions and feelings will change: Sometimes when people have fights with their friends, they got heartbroken or had issues within the family, they go on to plug their ears to good music because they hated how they were feeling and desperately wanted to feel better. Music creates the atmosphere people need because they can easily relate to a happy mood only if they are happy and their favourite songs can easily bring back that smile and vibe that they may have lost due to their earlier sad feelings. Studies haves shown that listening to music can decrease the level of stress by releasing hormones, reducing heartbeat rate and lowering blood pressure.

3. You will learn and connect with your culture: Here in Nigeria, one thing people do not play with is culture. Nigeria is a cultural nation and as such, it reflects in many aspects of the lives of its people which includes dressing, food, music and many others.

Many persons have learnt a bit of their language through music. Traditional history has been told through music, some of the traditional musicians have gone on to become legends of their tribes, a good example would be King Sunny Ade. Some of the older generations still prefer to listen to old traditional songs because it is what they can relate with and they use some of those songs to make parables.

There are other ways music can influence various sectors of life, but one thing is certain, music has been a tremendous help to the universe as a whole and good music needs to be kept in circulation to avoid noise pollution.

Feel free to drop your opinions on how music helped you.



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