Over the years, the number of people who have been killed and arrested without cause by SARS has gone up to the point that one has to wonder if these people are actually here to protect Nigerians or to cause more harm.
Recently, a young man in Port Harcourt was killed by SARS for refusing to unlock his phone after he was arrested and held without cause.
This has sparked so many conversations on social media as people are calling for the unit to be dissolved since they have a record of hurting more people than they protect.

The Special Anti-Robbery Squad popularly known as SARS was formed in 1992 by the then Police Commissioner Simeone Danladi at a period where an Army Colonel was killed by policemen, soldiers became upset and started looking for policemen to kill. Policemen in Lagos then all went into hiding until a cease-fire was reached.
They were created within the police to monitor criminals perpetuating major crimes like kidnapping, armed robberies and so on, and they do not wear uniforms, as they’re meant to not be easily detectable, so therefore, over the years, they have become a household name for perpetuating major crimes which include; kidnapping, maltreatment, extortion, unlawful killings and even threats to life.
Citizens have narrated their experiences across all forms of media to enlighten the public of what they go through in the hands of these supposed security agents turned rogues. Nearly every week we hear that a life has been lost due to these trigger happy operatives.

SARS as an institution were not meant to be at intercity checkpoints stopping suspected young men who they feel are fraudsters popularly known as ‘yahoo boys’.
Once they see an oncoming vehicle with a young boy they automatically turn them to suspects, even young men in cabs are stopped and searched and their phone’s privacy invaded. When they don’t see evidence, they extort some of them, arrest and detain them for days especially those who refuse to give them money.
Some young men get crimes pinned on them when they refuse to comply with these operatives.

These disgusting scenes are what a lot of young men go through daily in the hands of these operatives and some, unfortunately, get killed all because of selfish reasons.
Unhappy Nigerians have come out to trend #EndSars on social media and also, some have done campaigns against this body that seems to have taken laws into their hands as it is now becoming a pandemic in Nigeria.
They have constituted a nuisance in the society, thereby giving the Nigerian Police Force a bad name and also staining the honest officials in the force who love and genuinely fight for the nation.

As much as our security agencies need all the help they can get, when the authority responsible for the security and safekeeping becomes a security risk, then it is not good for society or Nation as in this case.
Should they be stopped? What do you think should be done about SARS


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