It is no longer news that the Global pandemic Covid-19 affected every sector in the economy and with the gradual release of the lockdown which was imposed by the government, various sectors are beginning to come back in full form.

A very important sector, which happens to be that of Education is one that has not been looked into thoroughly mainly because a lot of institutions do not have the wherewithal to keep Covid at bay.

In no particular order, here are a few things to put into consideration as school reopening draws closer;

1. Opening in Stages: Older aged students would happen to have a better immune system than the younger ones, hence, students in higher levels would be encouraged to resume first seeing as they will be better at handling a possibly harsh condition than the younger ones. Then, the next steps would be to bring in the younger ones.

2. Proper sanitation systems: In order to curb further outbreaks in the school system, disinfectants, infrared non-contact thermometers, alcohol based sanitizers, access to hand wash and flowing water, nose masks or facial shields, an active medical personnel are to be made available in the school premises, so as to maintain proper health equilibrium in the institution.

3. The need for social distancing has to be taught and strictly followed from students coming through the gate to their assembly grounds, halls of residence or classrooms. Classrooms seating arrangements should be three (3) feets apart, due to its importance, teachers should undergo trainings on how to maintain these safety routines.

It will be almost impossible to stop kids from playing together or touching each other, but, if parameters to make sure surfaces and

the environment in general are constantly cleaned and disinfected, it would reduce the risk of contacting or spreading the virus.

Finally, the question one needs to ask is whether or not Nigerians will put any of the measures in place. Schools do not have the resources needed to protect the students and even if the government provides it, we live in a country where corruption is the norm. The money will be stolen and no arrangements will be made. In a country like Nigeria, the best we can do is hope and pray that all will be well and while we do that, we brace up for the worst.

What do you think about schools reopening? Is this a ticking time bomb waiting to blow up in our faces? Share your thoughts in the comment section.



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