Thursday, October 29, 2020
“This Is Why You Are A 1-Minute Man”- Nigerian Doctor

“This Is Why You Are A 1-Minute Man”- Nigerian Doctor

2 seconds, everywhere don burst is a Nigerian slang that has sometimes been used to describe sexual prowess.

One- minute man, 30-seconds man are also expressions for men who are not good in bed.

A Nigerian doctor has listed the cause of this anomaly and right up there is food. Sharwama, suya, and alcohol including late-night eating all contribute to why your bedmatics lack strength in time.

Read what he wrote below.

“Beer, vodka, smoking every day; Shawarma, suya, cakes all the time; Late-night food always like an armed robber; After one round of sex, You fall yakata for floor and can’t stand up again like Dangote truck. And you are not even 40 yet

Shebi you can see your life outside?”

See some reactions to the above tweet.

I have passed the age of killing women with amu. If you missed my glory days, that’s your luck. Now I just want to cum and sleep. Then go and look for money. Where there is life, there is hope. A man with stroke cannot stroke. Half knack is better than none. Thanks.

It’s not Olympics, nor champions League, nor Nigerian League.

I thought we’ve settled this matter at last year’s men conference? Who die on top knack, we go crest am as his epitaph…

It’s really a tough call, since energy in men declines from 30+, how do women within the same age bracket cope as women get a spike in s*x drive from 30+? Also, should men within 30+ marry 20+ or go for their age mates within the 30+ bracket when considering these factors?


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