Thursday, October 29, 2020
HOT QUESTION | Are People Still Having Sex In This Weather?

HOT QUESTION | Are People Still Having Sex In This Weather?


Collins Okoh took to Facebook to share a story.

He wrote,

“Last night, there was no power supply, both PHCN and Generator.

Image result for trying to sleep

The weather was hot! Damn hot!

I managed to fall asleep earlier around 9 pm, but woke up by 11 pm.

I couldn’t sleep. I was dripping.

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Then the sound filtered in from Neighbour’s flat.

“Emeka, kill me o! I want you to kill me. Just kill me!”

I got up from my bed. Are they fighting? Even at that, the girl wasn’t crying. She was moaning. Then the next words came.

Image result for pounding yam

“Yes! Like that! Continue! Dey pound me dey go as if I be your yam. Use vex pound me as if I be yam wey no gree done quick quick.”

Then I heard the idiot’s grunts.

“Yes! You be my yam o.”

Image result for black man eating pounded yam

I didn’t understand it. What is wrong with this people?

I am alone here, sweating, windows wide open, unable to sleep, yet two people are there pounding each other in this heat.

How do people do these things?
Image result for you disgust me gifIn recent times, the weather has been extremely hot. And as they say, when temperatures rise, clothes come off.

Image result for extreme hot weather meme

While nakedness can be pretty damn arousing, I am a little curious whether it can actually translate to actual bed-matics.

Are people really having sex in this weather?

Sometimes it can feel too hot for sex as you’re sweating just standing still, so the thought of vigorous movement is just too much.

Image result for is tew much gif

The last thing many want to do when you’re sweating like a mop is brushed up against your partner’s equally sticky body.

But it appears people are defying the heat to have sex. Are you?


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