Friday, October 23, 2020
Valentine’s Day | A Pressure Cooker For Young People

Valentine’s Day | A Pressure Cooker For Young People


If you are frequent on social media, you would have noticed the trending video where a guy is singing a song to mock single people. ‘Valentine is coming, where is your boyfriend?’

Even though the song was originally meant to be comic relief, it is the reality of things with young people. Everyone is looking for someone to be with on that day.

The truth is that most people actually don’t mind being alone, however, the pressure from their peers to show off their dates and their valentine’s day activities is so much that they can’t stay alone.

The pressure is not just on single people to get someone but also on people in relationships to do something phenomenal and memorable.

It is true that love is beautiful and we all should celebrate the people we love, show them that we care and make them feel special on that day.

However, this shouldn’t be the same as spending so much money on that day.

In today’s world, the only way to show love is to spend a lot of money on them or give them s*x.

Most guys spend to show love and most girls give s*x to show love. It is not how it should be but it is how it is in today’s world.

This simple fact is that this situation where guys spend and girls give s*x has so eaten up the world that on a day like Valentine’s, which is purely and solely about showing love, any guy who can’t afford to spend on her is seen as a bad boyfriend.

Guys are now on a lot of pressure to deliver. Girls are on a lot of pressure to post and show off their boyfriends. They want to make sure they have the best for the gram. They want their day to be better than everyone else.

The single people are pressured to find someone to be with on that day so that they can at least feel loved and have pictures to post even though it could be at the expense on their happiness in the long run.

Growing up I used to watch movies and listen to stories of how people showed love and it seemed so beautiful and simple.

Love shouldn’t be all about the money and the s*x, it shouldn’t be about exorbitant spending and showing off to other people. It is not even about being in a relationship or having someone to spend the day with.

It is simply about love and you don’t need to spend heavily to show love. There are other ways to do that. You don’t need to show off your relationship to the world just so they know you have the best.

You can keep it private between you two. You don’t need to spend the day with a boyfriend or a girlfriend, there is so much more you can do.

You can go out alone and have fun, you can hang out with friends, and you can go show love to the less privileged and add value to the lives of so many people. There is so much more.

So relax and stop pressuring yourself. Yes, you don’t have a bae or boo but you are fine and that does not in any way make you any less of you are or make you a sad and lonely person. Being alone is not the same as being lonely.

You don’t need to go overboard with valentine’s spending. Just do something tangible to show that you love them. In reality, spending money isn’t a true sign of love. It is mostly in the little things that money can’t buy.

So again, relax and have a lovely valentine. Single or dating, alone or with people, expensive or not, you don’t have to let the pressure get to you. It is just a day.

By Obaraye Efosa

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