Happy Valentine’s Day!

If you are single, well, we also had you in mind – Happy Single’s Awareness Day! You must be feeling real bleh right now.

But don’t worry, next year could be your year. If next year isn’t, the year after that, or after that.

For those people that Cupid’s arrow did hit in time for Valentine’s day, we’re committed to being here for you.

Whether you and your significant other have been together for years or just a little while, we’d like to remind you that the ultimate Valentine’s Day gift is time spent together—and that couples of all types should consider doing an out-of-the-box activity on February 14.

But apart from all the romantic side, we’ve rounded up Valentine’s Day Survival Pack all couples must-have this season for your very survival.


The pepper spray just in case a guy wants to pull a fast one on you.


A pair of flipflops can be a lifesaver.


Condoms – Because hmmm hmmm hmmmm


Data and airtime are crucial to avoid being stranded.


Power bank – You want to be charged up. Cos you honestly don’t want to run out of battery.


Cash and more cash in case you want to get something quick.

Vex Money Too – Dear Ladies, I know you know him and trust him but today, still hold your VEX MONEY.

You need this especially as a female if a date is not going as planned so you can zoom off. Very VERY IMPORTANT!!!




Change of Clothes – Because who knows where the night might lead.


If you are unlucky and pick up a demon or something… You will need T.B Joshua’s number on speed dial. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

And finally, a backup plan. You don’t want to be amaka-ed today.


Now you are ready to go….

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