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I am so devastated right now.

I am married to a man who attends one of these popular churches and we have 5 children ages 12, 10, 8, 5 and 9 months.

Throughout our marriage, I have been the more consistent breadwinner as he has changed a lot of jobs during our marriage.

There are also times was he was unemployed.

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After 3 years stretch of unemployment, my husband got a job last year in December.

I was very happy as we had a lot of things to do, we just recently changed our apartment.

I know his company pays around 25th but he was not forthcoming.


Yesterday evening, he told me that he cannot bring his quota for the upkeep of the family because he has sowed all his January salary as First Fruit in church.

I almost ran mad.

5 children, school fees, and many other things to pay and yet my husband went to ‘sow’ ALL his salary.

Please help me before I commit murder.

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