The latest handshake by President Buhari and Prime Minister Boris Johnson had a colleague and I discussing and poring over scores of handshake photos by world leaders.

I am not a body language expert but I thought this was a really good photograph. President Buhari’s body language and the handshake were so on point. It was firm and exuded a lot of confidence.

Is a handshake that important? 

For some people, a handshake is just a useless formality but to others – especially leaders, it is a massive indication of a person’s depth of character and strength. In fact, President Trump of the United States has a way of even showing domination.

Research says while shaking a person, look the person in the eyes
Always make sure you look a person in the eyes when you shake their hand, no matter how busy or brief the handshake might be.

Use a firm grip. A firm grip, shows confidence, strength and enthusiasm, be careful not to

In this Obama and Buhari’s photo, Buhari’s index finger is just there not gripping Obama’s hand.

This is better but a little unsure from president Buhari.

This one by Obama and Trump is without the squeeze – That is slightly tightening your grip to let the recipient know that you’re present and willing to listen and assert yourself. This honestly looked like a “Make e nor be like say” handshake. But perhaps because they were both looking at the camera.

This was good but that erring index finger again.

We all agree that handshakes are extremely important to our society. A handshake seals businesses, sign peace treaties and can even end a war. I personally think the president has mastered this art now as it wasn’t only his handshake with Boris Johnson that we found admirable, we loved this one with Prince Charles too.

A weak handshake can suggest that you’re inexperienced, lack confidence and don’t know what you are doing. So don’t be afraid to tighten your grip and give a nice, strong shake.

If their hand wants to break, let it break – Just kidding!



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