Saturday, August 8, 2020
Dripping Hot | 10 Nigerian Songs That Are TOTALLY About Sex

Dripping Hot | 10 Nigerian Songs That Are TOTALLY About Sex


The question really isn’t which Nigerian song is about s3x, the question is, which one isn’t?

Apparently, Nigerian artists are not afraid of been stamped a ban on songs that are considered sexually explicit

From lyrics, song names to videos, s3x is the merchandise that Nigerian artiste sells with their “chest”

Whether this in any way rob us of good music and talent is an article for another day but for now,  here are 10 Nigerian songs that are about s3x through and through

Gift- Iyanya Ft Don Jazzy

Don Jazzy and Iyanya talk about all the nasty sexual stuff as they want to do a girl named Gift.

Mr. Oreo- Iyanya

The biscuit in this song is not the regular type.

In this video, Iyanya wants the girl to come for the real deal (whatever that means *wink*).

Body- Solid Star Ft Timaya

She can’t get enough of his body and asks for more after they hook up. Because he is nice, sweet and the best guy she has ever had.

Kpansh- Yung 6ix Ft MI

It’s about a girl doing stuff that makes it quite obvious she wants to Kpansh.

German Juice- Cynthia Morgan

It would seem that German juice is really about Vagina fluids and not a juice from Germany (how disappointing).

Still, German Juice, anyone?

Bizzy Body-P Square

This 2003 banger is not about an actual busy body who can’t mind their business. It’s just two people talking dirty to each other and how one of them will take the other person “slowly”.

Do Me- Psquare

How obvious can this one be?

Fvck Me Hard- Goldie


The song has a beat similar to Party hard by Donaeo.

But this is the dirty and raunchy adaptation of Donaeo’s party hard. In this version, the singer wants to be f**** hard! (who doesn’t?)

Take Banana- D’Prince

D’Prince isn’t feeding any monkeys in this song. He just wants a girl to take his banana aka his thing.

Banana Remix- Timaya Ft Slyde

Too many bananas, guys.

She wants his thing! How could you miss this?

Which other songs about s3x do you know?

Let’s talk about it in the comment section.

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