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Sex Ranking: Best Ways To Have Sex

Sex Ranking: Best Ways To Have Sex

A little fun does not kill


Friends, forget foreplay, role play, 69, mind-blowing sex positions, oral sex, anal sex, fingering and pretty much every other type of sex act you have ever heard of or tried.

There is a better way (or ways) to have sex so good, that you will pat yourself on the back after doing it.

“Better ways to have sex?” yes.

These are the 10 best ways to have sex. See if you find anything you like.

1. Makeup Sex

After a huge fight with your partner and you decide to kiss and make up, but along those lines, you realize that there is none hotter that your S/O when they are angry, so you guys just sex and makeup instead.

Also, you really miss them and you will die if you go one second without their body against yours, sexually of course.

2. Parents House Sex

You are visiting the parents with your partner and you both got assigned separate rooms, and in the middle of the night you or they sneak into the others room and get it on.

What makes this sex so hot is all the sneaking around that comes with it and the desperation to climax before you are caught.

And also, you stifling your moans and whispering into your partner’s ear how you want to die or explode, massive turn on.

3. Middle Of The Night Sex

There must be something in mid-night air, otherwise, you won’t wake up in the middle of the night, craving your partner.

Midnight sex is mindless sex and often starts with you guys smooching and touching, without anyone of you knowing who started it.

4. Morning After Sex

You are just waking up from sleep to see a half-naked partner lying beside you and you have like extra 20 minutes to kill, so you guys just get it on. I hear it’s better than morning coffee.

5. Hotel Bar Sex

You are in a strange city on an official assignment or vacation and you happen around a hot stranger who happens to look like they are good for sex. You two just screw until you fall over and exhale.

Be sure to use protection when doing this and make sure the person is not crazy or a serial killer.

6. Friends With Benefit Sex

Before you have this kind of sex, just make sure that the person you are sleeping with is not clingy and childish. They should play by the rules and it must be no strings attached sex.

Find an old college buddy, a co-worker or whoever you fancy and become each other’s booty call.

7. Three-Way Sex (For Really Mature People)

With each of you having different elements, different levels of sexual experience and different type of spiciness three-way sex is set to blow your mind (not literally).

There is so much happening at once, your body is feeling things and you can’t even figure out who the pleasure is coming from.

8. Hook Up App Sex

If you are one of those people who use Tinder or any other dating app for anything slightly below meeting people, then this is the sex for you.

You swipe right on a like-minded stranger, you guys meet up for a few drinks, you leave together and 1 hour later you are boning. If it goes really well, you could end up having a f**** buddy for life.

9. Hate Sex

How hateful is your hate for you to do this? On a scale of one to “damn, I hate him but he is so hot”, how much do you hate that person?

If you hate them, but there is this inexplicable sexual attraction you feel towards them or tension between the both of you, then this type of sex might be worth a shot.

As long as the tension is mutual.

10. Breakup Sex

Breakup sex A.K.A one for the road sex or one last hurrah sex. Right before you break up with them, you guys have long lingering sex.

This, of course, depends on how messy your break up is.

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