Quite a lot of people have castigated the Supreme Court for declaring Hope Uzodimma of APC as the winner of Imo Guber election citing fraud or corruption. Most critics have taken to social media to voice their displeasure. For instance, Deji Adeyanju, a PDP stalwart and known critic of Buhari tweeted the Imo governorship result initially released by Independent Electoral Commission (INEC), and wondered how Hope Uzodimma who came a distant 4th position could be declared winner by the apex court.

It is not surprising legally for APC to win the election. It was based on legal mathematics and not on mundane Mathematics. In law, such legal gymnastics and strategy are allowed.

The basis of the judgment is simply this and it is very clear. APC argued that some votes were unlawfully subtracted from their total votes by INEC and that INEC had no power to cancel such votes and subtract same.

The Supreme Court simply agreed based on the evidence before it that those votes were unlawfully cancelled and subtracted. The votes were thereafter added to APC total votes; then APC came from the rear to lead. The apex court declared that 236,600 votes garnered by Hope Uzodimma was unlawfully deducted from the 318 polling units and be added to his votes. The new computation is now 96,458 + 236,600 = 333,058.

Although this verdict by the Supreme Court appears simple and straightforward, some still hold the opinion that the prediction made by Rev Fr Mbaka has a role to play in  the victory of Hope Uzodimma. Do you have hope in the judiciary system?

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