Power is good. But power can only be productive if it is used with discretion and for common good. Otherwise it demystifies and destroys.

American power including nuclear power is massive and has been available to numerous US Presidents before Trump but there is a reason why they applied extreme caution in using it.

Make no mistake, I have no sympathy for the General Qaseem Soleimani who was assassinated. But the repercussions were surely not thought through by Trump who has made it a practice not to listen to advice and intelligence from even his own intelligence officials

Even on something as simple as Russia meddling in the 2016 American elections.

This particular Iranian individual has been in the sights of American Administrations in the past including under President Bill Clinton. There was a plausible reason why he wasn’t taken out then and those reasons even hold more valid today.

Trump says he acted to prevent a war not to start a war. Yet immediately after the hit, the State Department asked all American civilians to leave Iraq and 3000+ American Troops are now headed to the Region as we speak. This for a man who came to power vowing to end all wars and bring American troops home.

It goes without saying that the current situation with Iran is totally unnecessary and was avoidable. Let us not forget that the singular precipitating factor to all these was the unilateral ego-driven withdrawal of the United States from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPO) by Donald Trump. A Deal which the UN Nuclear Watchdog affirmed Iran was keeping to its terms.

He pulled the US out of the ‘Iran Nuclear Deal’ multilaterally brokered by world powers, simply because he swore to upturn every legacy of the first black American President, Barack Obama. And in doing so, he gives no damn about the consequences.

This was how Adolf Hitler rose and where did it take the world?

The blatant hypocrisy of President Trump is best highlighted by his unpretentious embrace of Dictators like Vladimir Putin of Russia (whose nation itself has been playing an equally destabilizing role in the Middle East) as well as Kim Jong Un of North Korea, both of whom he claims to have good personal relations with. When did International diplomacy and politics begin to rest on the emotions and personal sentiments of Leaders nonetheless an American President?

The truth is that Trump’s ‘World’ begins and ends with the United States of America which he camouflages as his ‘America First Policy’. He gives no damn about and has no regard or respect for anyone else including non-whites in his own America. That’s definitely not the kind of person that should be leading a nation like the United States, whose every action has wide ranging implications for the rest of the world. Unfortunately.

The fact that Trump can act unilaterally in this manner ignoring the UN and other world powers is a dangerous trend and all of us citizens of the world should be worried.

Imagine all other world powers including other nations with nuclear weapons go ahead at their own whims and caprices, based on their own ‘intelligence’ to take out anyone they perceive to be or who is actually a threat? Think about it.

Finally, this is by means to say Iran has been a responsible actor in itself. Not by a long shot. I have said so severally.

But nothing is more capable of disrupting world order and peace than a riotous world leader that is unaccountable to any constituted authority, who is willing to take consequential unilateral actions without weighing the consequences.

Dr Uche Diala

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