Every year, Nigerian men of God try to outdo each other by predicting the future. While a lot of them resisted the urge this year as their last predictions have missed the mark, some continue to make hilarious prophesies…

Because joblessness, I am reading this 49Point prophecy by the Presiding Bishop of Divine Seed of God Chapel Ministry, Prophet Wale Olagunju

And by God, it is the most hilarious thing you will read today.

First, the prophecy already falls short as it is neither 49 or prophetic to begin with

One of the “prophecy” is interesting against fake prophets. It says, “God of the Apostles warns some of those fake Nigerian prophets/pastors to repent now, else the judgments of God is at hand.”

Wow! Talking about shaking a table you are spreading on.

Here are 8 most hilarious parts of the prophecies.

“The Queen of England, her days are getting nearer”
For Zeus’ sakes she is 93. Her days have been near since forever.

“The husband of the founder (Better-Life for Women) should be prayed for seriously.
Again, IBB is 78 and have had quite a lot of health challenges recently.

The God of ancient prophets revealed to me that President Donald
Trump of the United States of America will survive the present impeachment saga. In a further revelation, the Living God says that President Donald Trump is a candidate to beat in the USA 2020 presidential election. With little prayer, Donald Trump will win the election.
How is this a prophecy? Is the sitting president not a man to beat before?

“In our dispensation, Buhari would be the last former military ruler that will rule over united Nigeria.”
Like really? Who is left?

“Should APC pick Tinubu as their presidential candidate come 2023 election, as revealed to me by the living God, 70 per cent of APC members across the nation would move back to PDP, their original home, then PDP would win.”
Is that how prophecies work now huh? SHOULD I pick money from the ground, I will become a rich woman. SHOULD?

“In the coming year election in Ondo State, Eyitayo Jegede is a serious candidate to defeat Akeredolu. But the APC would rig the election and already they have perfected the rigging. As revealed further by the living God, this election before election, will take sudden miracle for PDP candidate to defeat APC in the election, so they need to pray.”

Now I am confused.

“At His appointed time, APC would break-up just like PDP and the country would face serious hardship and that is God’s judgment and its a tragedy of a nation where sin has become warehouse.”

Wait! Same guy, Better days ahead for Nigerians as revealed by Almighty God, but not under the present administration. For God has heard the prayers of

All these prophesies and we can’t still catch a break? Oh well! He adds why.

“I asked the living God why all these problems in our country. Thus says the Lord, He God of heaven is angry with the leaders and the people of Nigerian since the day we invited all the gods of this world to Nigeria (FESTAC 77) and celebrated them in a big way. Ever since Nigeria has been in the hand of an angry God.”

Very funny guy. 😂😂😂😂

By the way, he is a Chelsea fan
“Chelsea Coach (Frank Lampard) is the future British coach as revealed to me by the Living God”

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