Friday, July 10, 2020
BE WARNED! NEVER Use Saliva As Lubricant During Sex, SEE Why

BE WARNED! NEVER Use Saliva As Lubricant During Sex, SEE Why

Popular Nigerian doctor on Twitter, Dr Olufunmilayo, has warned against the use of saliva as a lubricant during sex.

In a Twitter thread, he said using saliva predisposes people to get infected with genital herpes and other forms of diseases.

Read what he wrote below.

 Never use saliva as a lubricant during sex. Look at those images: That’s Genital Herpes. If someone with a mouth sore uses their saliva during s*x with you, in a few days, you will have Genital Herpes. Help me pass the message out there: NEVER USE SALIVA TO LUBRICATE DURING SEX.

Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, Syphilis, Trichomoniasis, Herpes, HPV Human Papilloma Virus which can cause p*nis cancer, anus cancer, vagina cancer, vulva cancer, throat cancer, tonsil cancer, ALL the above is what you can get from infected saliva rubbed all over your private part.

This happens more commonly than you think, and it is, in fact, the commonest way that you can get Genital Herpes. Never use saliva as a sex lubricant. And please, Anyone with an open mouth sore should not be using their saliva on you. This is no joke. You can get Genital Herpes.

And also as a woman, pls know saliva can upset your vagina environment and make you have avoidable repeated vagina infections with horrible smelling discharge. This upset vagina environment can lead you to have things like thrush/yeast infections as well as bacterial vaginosis.

Even if you totally remove the risk of infections- saliva is very ineffective as a lubricant- It is not as slippery, It dries up easily, It causes irritation, It can cause a tear more easily, It may smell bad if the person has bad breath, In simple terms: It’s NOT a lubricant.

So what about oral s*x? It carries the same risk, to be honest. However because the focus in oral sex is primarily not to introduce the saliva into the vag*na, technically that may mean it’s less risky than actually take saliva and introduce it INSIDE the vagina as a lubricant.

And what’s the way forward then? Stay off using saliva as a lubricant for sex. That’s the ideal situation. If you have a sore on your mouth or a throat/mouth infection, keep your mouth away from anyone’s genitals. Or if you have to, pls go to a pharmacy and get a “mouth condom”.

Stick to one partner. Focus on foreplay.  Ideal foreplay time 10-15minutes. That’s a safer healthier way to get someone naturally wet. And the natural wet juice lasts longer, does a better lubricant job, doesn’t dry up easily, won’t cause wounds and is best for both parties.

Or if you find that you still struggle to be wet regardless of foreplay- get a lubricant. It’s NOT expensive. Don’t buy in traffic. Don’t buy from Chijioke with a wheelbarrow. Don’t buy inside a bus. Go to a pharmacy- Have a chat and look at options- Then buy a good reliable one.

If you have a mouth sore or you have anything similar to those pictures I posted- please stay away from any form of s*x and speak to a doctor. Thanks for reading. Please retweet for other people. And as you do TGIF, Please try and be safe out there. Igi Herpes o ni o wo pawa o.

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