Ankara fabrics are Africa prints. They are unique and come in a different pattern, colors, designs and very available in this part of Africa. I love Ankara fabrics, I wish I could wear them every day, all day …yeah I love the ankara that much.

Ankara fabrics are particularly beautiful for bespoke tailoring and very stylish. Ankara fabric can be used for a variety of things such as laptop bags, shoes, suits, handbags, bedspread, duffels etc made with Ankara fabrics.

Today, I would be highlighting 9 ways to maintain your Ankara fabric to avoid fading on time.

First, get the right Ankara. There are different qualities of Ankara. If you go to the market sometimes you will hear the sellers asking “do you want the small or big Ankara?” The lower quality (small Ankara) may be cheap but after one or two wash, it all faded out…I will advise you to buy higher qualities for durability.

For your Ankara outfits, detergent is a no-no! o Do not be deceived with those detergent ads, all na wash! Use bar soap or bathing soap instead.

Ankara materials should be hand wash but if you must use a machine, you could slow wash to avoid the spin cycle.

Unlike other fabrics, it is not advisable to wash Ankara after every wear. After the first wear, you can just air it outside to get rid of any offensive smell and you can reuse it once or twice again before washing.

Disclaimer: If have body odour…this is not for you.

Avoid leaving your Ankara fabrics under the scorching sun for so long. Dry under friendly weather conditions.

If you notice you have a running Ankara fabric, add a tablespoon of salt before washing.  The chloride in salt will help seal the color in. This also works for scarves and rugs.

For stains, instead of washing the entire fabric you could just wash the affected area and dry.

Ankara fabrics are best ironed inside out. Turn your fabric in and iron from the inside (the plain part)

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Finally, for other Ankara items such as backpack, handbags, shoes, rugs etc…you could just use a soft sponge and gently scrub.

Ankara is bae I tell you, although most people are skeptical about rocking Ankara outfit cos of its stringent maintenance and durability, now you know better. Keep looking elegant in that African print.

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