Earlier this year, a stark politician contested and woefully LOST an election, his name was Sowore.

Hurt by the fact that he wasn’t as popular as he thought he was, and in is usually character of not accepting defeats, he jumped on the facade of human rights activism.

In this mould, he pulled up a motley crowd of misguided , ill-informed and utterly naive “hallelujah boys” .

For several months, Sowore fanned the embers of ‘FORCEFUL CHANGE OF GOVERNMENT’.

Some of his audacious words include,

We must bundle Buhari out of that place ” ,

“DSS shall cease to exist”.

Should security agents have folded their arms and watch Sowore incite violence in the country?

Should he have receive applauds as he plotted a Treason to displace duly elected president? Of course not.

DSS moved in swiftly. He got detained. And rightly so.

He is to have his day in Court, given that he is innocent until proven guilty. During the court proceedings, Sowore was granted bail with a plethora of conditions.

One of such conditions was that he will not address a press conference. Then down the bail road, he BREACHED one of his basic release conditions – addressing media conference. Thus, provoking legitimate RE- ARREST.


And I dare ask : Why the public duplicity? In one breath we profess LAW and ORDER across the land . But yet in another breath, we pamper and canonize brazen recalcitrance.

The one who spits in the face of rules get heroic accolades. But the government who tries to whip him back on queue becomes the reincarnate of Satan who must be vilified.

Sowore violated the rule of law. But that is not a surprise since he was once quoted saying,

Don’t tell me about legal implications or what a judge will say, I don’t care”.

What should follow should not be a cacophony and orchestrated cry of blue murder.

We should not be having these public emotional choreography and sentimental sound bites renting the air.

What went wrong with our core values of decency ? Just where is our national public soul?

Rollicking in SIN and yet ask that grace ABOUNDS is hypocritical and most un-natural. Nigeria, Something must give.

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