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SEX FOR GRADE | Dr Boniface Igbeneghu, A Man Who Failed In...

SEX FOR GRADE | Dr Boniface Igbeneghu, A Man Who Failed In Four Ways

In the early hours of Monday, Nigerians were treated to an extreme level of shock when BBC unleashed a documentary that spotlights the sexual predation in UNILAG, a self-styled “Nigeria’s University of  First Choice.”
In the damning video, Dr. Boniface Igbeneghu, who isn’t only a lecturer, but a father, a husband, and pastor fell prey to an undercover reporter who posed as an admission seeker in the institution.
He was caught on camera soliciting sex from the 17-year-old teenager.
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Following the shocking documentary by BBC Africa Eye, UNILAG has moved swiftly to suspend the lecturer. However, it is not only Unilag that has ostracised the lecturer, Foursquare Gospel Church as gone ahead to make him a castaway.

Make no mistake, while Sex For Grades scandals are epidermic in Nigerian Universities, Dr. Igbeneghu’s tactics to lure the teenager during the secret filming are unbelievably despicable – in that he hoped to leverage his pastoral calling and sexualize God’s name.

How does a lecturer who doubles as a pastor lead an underaged teenager to Christ and then, in the same breath, lead her to hell?

Dr. Igbeneghu who was recently ordained as a pastor in Foursquare is an absolute embarrassment to the Christain faith.

His attitude was nauseating, to say the least. He had the confidence of a man who felt like he was untouchable. He flouted the rules that say a lecturer cannot have a sexual relationship with students perhaps due to years and years of scavenging and going scotfree.

“If you want me to kiss you,

“Switch off the light, lock the door and let me kiss you for a minute”

The undercover teenager was supposedly 17-year-old

In his words Dr. Boniface made it absolutely clear he had no problem luring an underaged teen to bed, in fact, he said it with pride,

“Don’t you know you are a beautiful girl?

“Do you know that?”

Do you know I am a pastor and I am in my 50s, what will shock you is that, if I want a girl of 17 years, all I need is a sweet tongue and put some money,” 

He is a father and a husband of a virtuous woman.

Dr. Igbenoghu failed the church, the institution, his wife and his children.

Dr. Igbenoghu is just one out of the sea of predators in Nigeria’s Universities in this sex for grade saga.


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