Tuesday, January 28, 2020
Inside Tiwa Savage And Charles Anazodo “So You Cannot Greet” Saga

Inside Tiwa Savage And Charles Anazodo “So You Cannot Greet” Saga


In what comes as the latest installment of gbas gbos that the streets of Twitter offer us on a daily basis, singer, Tiwa Savage has served a knockout blow to veteran journalist, Charles Anazodo.

It all started when Anazodo aired his displeasure at Tiwa Savage’s failure to greet him after they met each other at radio station, Beat99.9FM.

Taking to Twitter, Anazodo wrote:

In her reply to his tweet, Tiwa Savage wrote:


The result was a blood bath on twitter with people taking sides.


Charles seeing that it didn’t go as planned changed the narrative.

Is Tiwa your child? Are you teaching your kids to call people out on twitter? Are you teaching your child to be entitled to a person’s hi?

We need to even investigate the middle age crisis demons that told Charles Anazodo it was okay to drag a 40-year-old woman that he is not feeding over greeting in 2019.

2 things I must say specifically. If people don’t greet you and it is important to you, greet them.

Second, if you call someone out on social media, you have lost all the right to condemn cyberbullying.

We cannot take Charles seriously and he deserved all he got from the “greeting saga”

If you rubbish a person on social media, it is no longer chastisement. You are trying to disgrace them. That was what Charles was trying to do to Tiwa Savage.


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