Monday, May 25, 2020
For The Strong Woman | How To Regain Your Power

For The Strong Woman | How To Regain Your Power


Weaker, Unstable, Naive, Emotional, Timid, Unsure.

These are all adjectives that people associate to women, in fact, to not showcase the above could earn you a famous tag.

However, women can be so much more than how society sees them. Women have the power to break stereotypes and come out of the boxes they are restricted to.

I strongly dare women to take roles that are not necessarily synonymous with being a woman. She can be other things like an intelligent, educated, independent, assertive, leader, boss, etc. A woman can be a nurturer, a caring person and still be great.

She mustn’t dedicate her whole life taking care of others, picking up after her men and thereby putting her dreams on hold.

Women, you can be powerful, ambitious, take on leadership positions, and you sure as hell don’t have to stifle yourself to please others.

If you have already given up that power or don’t know that you can be these things, gather around here, to regain your power.

1. See Yourself In Control

Seeing is not just believing, seeing is also becoming.

Own yourself.

See yourself in control of situations

In your mind, believe that you have to control your destiny and you have power over your oppressors and every situation designed to keep you down.

Once you have the mindset of someone who is in charge, applying it to your life is easy.

2. Preserve Your Energy

Nowadays, many women work thrice as hard to prove that they are as good as their male counterpart. Work hard but always remember you don’t have to burn yourself to the ground to prove anything.

No matter how important or dire a task is, it is important that you preserve your energy in between.

Once a task becomes daunting and overwhelming, it is okay to stop and take a break and recharge.

The same goes for your spiritual energy. If you feel “off” about someone or something, then it is better to take a step back from that thing.

Very importantly, stay away from toxic relationships.

3. Maintain Your Standards

As a young woman, you will meet loads of people who will tell you, “You are too choosy, your standards are too high”

A powerful woman is a boss at putting her foot down and she doesn’t put up with just anything. This power comes from maintaining your standards.

If you don’t like something, come out and denounce it outrightly, and if someone does that thing, don’t let it slide, call them out on it immediately.

Even in the case of partner don’t allow them to break the ground rules surrounding your relationship. Also, if they don’t meet your standards, don’t settle for them.

4. Be Your Own Boss

It takes a powerful woman to be in complete control of anything she does, especially her work life. She works at her own pace, picks what she likes, doesn’t compromise and most importantly, she plays by her own rules.

Be that woman. Don’t be rushed or forced into things, be your own boss. The only order you should obey is yours.

Even if you cannot start your own business or run your own company, you can also regain power by not settling for just any job.

5. Honor Your Originality

When you go on social media, it is easy to see the exact kind of women. Perfect skin, perfect body, perfect hair and eyes, and even a perfect relationship. But the truth is, nobody is that perfect and you shouldn’t let their appearance feel like you are the unpretty or imperfect one.

Admire your flaws, bask in the glory of your body and totally worship how imperfect you are.

Always note, the 21st century comes with tons of picture altering apps and phones with higher pixels.

It takes a strong woman to be comfortable in her body and you are.

6. Love Your Own Kind

Strong women support other women. Discard the silly hackneyed, “I hate women cos they are bad friends”, “Women are women worse enemies” stereotypes.

Help other women rich their goals, put them on a pedestal and adjust their crown.

If you want to be powerful and remain that way, then you should love yourself enough to know that hating other women won’t make your light shine brighter.

Real women, real queens, love, and support their own.

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