I have often found the “what I ordered versus what I got” dilemma hilarious. Not only because they are funny but because my colleagues; tailors, and fashion stylist are often the ring leader culprits.

True, online activities have taken over our daily activities. From shopping to socialization to our general way of life. It is so prevalent that sometimes I wonder how we survived before the internet and social media.

The internet has made life so easy but sadly sometimes complicated. Whilst you can confidently order an item from China or Singapore via Ali Express and get them delivered to your doorsteps, there is also a possibility that you will get an Amadioha version.

Needless to say, shopping online has its downsides, which we will discuss in another article and some factors to consider when buying fashion items online…

But first how to manage your expectations when shopping online.

As social media users, we come across lovely fashion designs and pieces every day. Of course,  we are excited to screenshot and send it to our tailors to recreate.

But we often fail to find out what made that outfit attractive enough for you to want it.

The first factor to consider is not all tailors are designers. If think you can spot a style and give just any tailor, think again!

Recreating another person’s design is like trying to cook another man’s soup without knowing the ingredients used or the recipe, “end result na potty.” Find out what fabric(s) was used.

Find out some processes involved and if your designer can pull it off.

Consider body size

Consider the amount you are willing to pay. Let’s face it, good outfit cost money.

And finally, consider changing your fashion designer.

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