In the 21st century, it is not only celebrities and pop culture that decide what real beauty is about. Even the average man and woman on the street has an opinion on the topic.

And rightfully so if we go by the old saying that says beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

Today, the beholder has quite a complicated checklist to measure beauty.

Some say no makeup, others say moderate makeup, another category of people believe it is someone who uses makeup and goes through plastic surgery to achieve the perfection that is one.

Some say, slim. The modeling industry is replete with young women who are slim and it can be said to not have any place for people who are plump or curvy.

However, the average Nigerian man insists that he doesn’t want the skinny French model with glaring neck bones and long limbs. He wants his women with some flesh. Plump, curvy, not so tall and not so fat.

Some folks think dark is the true definition of beauty, others believe a little toning is close to natural skin color.

Then there are the perfect teeth, the pretty smile, and the unblemished skin to consider. The list can go on forever.

However, there is a new argument that seems to support what Christian communities imbibe. They believe true beauty does not come from the outside but instead is based on the inside.

This is widely disputed by many who believe that beauty is outwards and a woman can be beautiful whether or not she has a foul character.

What do you think?

Is beauty inwards or outwards?

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