Sunday, November 29, 2020
How To Know If Your Co-Workers Don’t Like You

How To Know If Your Co-Workers Don’t Like You


Work can often feel like a battlefield if you work in an office where your colleagues are bent on destroying your career.

You have no one in your corner, you can’t trust your boss to take your side and every day you spend at the office, feels like you just walked into hell.

Sometimes, if you are lucky enough, you quickly pick up on the fact that your co-workers don’t like you. But if you are unlucky, you can end up falling for all their evil machinations and tricks because they do well to mask their true feelings towards you.

“How do I know my co-workers don’t like me?”

Here’s how to know for sure.

1. They Take Credit For Your Work

Hateful co-workers always swoop in at the last minute to take credit for something you worked hard to accomplish. They are the ones that obstruct the compliments your boss gave to you or claim entitlement simply because they gave their input once.

2. They Don’t Smile When You Are Around

Colleagues like this, behave as if you are loathsome toad whenever you are around. They may be smiling, but once you come around, they seize to smile.

They keep a straight face with you and are always in a hurry to get rid of you.

3. They Exclude You

They can make plans in front of you, ask for your input, but they will never invite you to hang out with them. They also generally exclude you from things as well as discussions and jokes.

4. They Spread Rumours About You

If you have heard a hurtful rumor about yourself, chances are they are the ones who started it. Their whole aim is to paint you black in front of your boss and other co-workers.

5. They Play Boss To You

These people are not your boss, but they always want to have some sort of control over you. They demean and belittle you in front of others, including your actual boss and they take on the lead role during group tasks, so that they can lord it over you.

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