Why are you dressed like this?

“Don’t you know you are a married woman?”

If you have not heard this as a married woman you probably have really sensible friends and church members, you dress like a whale or someone hasn’t found the nerve to tell you just yet.

“Wow! You still tuck in your shirt pant trousers, Don’t you know it will hinder the growth of, you know na…?” Thundered a senior colleague in “marriage-hood” only a few weeks after my wedding.

There was an unmistaken gnarl as she stared at my stomach.

Did I get pregnant and didn’t know myself? And even if I did, was a tucked in shirt an abortion tool? Oh well! I didn’t know my knowledge of biology was that bad or…

Apparently, she like many people automatically assume and projects that as a married person, I shouldn’t be dressed in a certain way.

I was bemused, to say the least. I am a shirt tucked in trouser kinda girl and being married has not changed that cos I love it and it suits me.

So does being married mean a drastic change in your dress sense? Do we start tying 2-piece wrapper everywhere we go so that village people will nod in approval?

Or is it oversized, ill-fitting clothes that will portray this wife/motherhood?

How should a married woman dress? Are there laid down rules?

It appears to be an unwritten rule in Nigeria that once you are married, you must dress the part.

What I find baffling is that same women become “side chic destroyers” who blame single women for dressing too “seductively” and trying to lure their husbands from them.

But back to dressing, let me emphasize that THERE IS NOTHING LIKE DRESSING LIKE A MARRIED WOMAN! That is a SCAM!

Whether married or single, I am an advocate of decent dressing, married or not.

Marriage doesn’t mean that you are now bound to ugly outfits, wrong patterned dresses, over/undersized outfit or tying wrapper all day!

Remember the golden rule, do you! Dress for comfortably, dress to suit your body size especially as your weight changes due to pregnancy, childbirth and other factors.

In fact, I want a married woman to wear bum shorts at home and places they are comfortable too.

Pair up a knee short and polo for cinemas, beaches, and other casual events.

And rock a slit gown for those date nights.

Yes, you are married but never give up looking good and elegant because of some hackneyed theories.

If anything, it is the best time to shine.

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