For me, fashion is your identity. Your true personality reflects on what you wear. You get to showcase that every day at work, school and play. That is why you can’t afford to do it wrong. That is why your fashion cannot be awkward.

Sadly, many do not realize this because they tend to follow the latest fashion trend. Labake and Chinyere want to be styled like Beyonce, forgetting that they don’t have the same body shape, tailor, charisma, carriage, skin tone etc. like the pop goddess. Not all “brown skin is actually brown”. We advocate you create your own style!

Now, here are some factors to consider when choosing an outfit for the day and avoid any hazard.


Most people ignore this powerful factor in choosing an outfit. Did you know that beyond picking the colour of the outfit, you have to consider your skin tone too?

Surprised? You are not alone. I used to be a lover of dark coloured outfit cos I wanted to look “serious” and I was not really a fan of bright colours, not until recently I realized it didn’t suit my skin tone.  I look better in bright colours, so I immediately switched and my slay-ministry took a new turn.

Dark colours work better with light-skinned persons while bright colours suit dark-skinned persons more. Simple!


Consider the weather especially in this everyday rainy season. Be ready! Don’t wear summer outfits because of the trend only to start shaking like jellyfish when rain corner you on your way back from work while trapped in a ‘molue’ with a leaking roof.

If your office is air-conditioned and you can’t control the temperature of your space, be trendy but dress ready.

An Ankara kimono over a matching trouser saved me from Air Conditioners in church the other day, lemme nor go and kee myself with cold because I wan slay.


 I was watching the Big Brother Naija show the other day and they were having a night party in the “House”, it was a club setting. Lo! I saw some people wearing a suit, suit kwa? in a club?

X had an over-the-ankle skirt that even some evangelist will reject, with big balloon sleeve blouse, trendy outfit no doubt but totally wrong for the occasion.

For your evening look, an after-party, social gathering, weekend waka etc., choose something easy, free, casual and befitting the occasion. The event, time, venue and purpose of the event should determine your choice of colours also.


Knowing your audience will help you in purchasing or wearing the right outfit.

For example, if you’re planning to have a business presentation, you ought to be appropriately dressed, not overdressed where your outfit becomes a distraction but dressed right.

A jacket over a trouser, a shirt tucked in a skirt works for an interview. And when attending your children’s PTA meeting, you know it is different for what you would wear to the beach, it is pertinent to dress appropriately for the occasion.

Also, the theme of the event should be taken into consideration too. Be audience ready in determining your clothing style for that function.


Lines and patterns on the fabric of your outfits are used to create different visual impressions.

The type of line you select could make you look thinner, shorter, taller or even fatter. If you have a big size like me, vertical lines will sure make you look thinner.

Smart and size friendly outfit work too, while a slim person can get away with exaggerated sleeves and other dramatic designs/patterns. We will discuss more next time on size friendly and body shape appropriate outfit.

Making a choice on what to wear daily can be stressful, even for the best stylist. It gets even harder when you want to be trendy at all cost.

But dress ready, create your own style, do what works for you and above all be comfortable in what you are wearing.

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