Friday, July 10, 2020
Warning Signs That You May Have Low Self-Esteem And Lack Confidence

Warning Signs That You May Have Low Self-Esteem And Lack Confidence


Sometimes, no matter what we do, how many achievements and awards we bag, how many people telling us that we are good at what we do or even the number of successes we have, we always feel like we are not good enough.

Some people suffer even more decline, they feel worthless and unimportant.

They lack faith in themselves, recoil into their shell, lack the confidence to speak up in a group, their minds go haywire whenever they are in public and they constantly check to see if there is an error.

They fail to live and see the good things about life.

These 10 signs, that you may have low self-esteem and lack confidence:

1. You Always Check Your Phone In A Social Gathering

In the 21st century, everybody is distracted by their phones, but the difference here is that you bury yourself constantly in your phone, whenever you are at a social gathering instead of having meaningful conversations, they could be a problem.

If you are more likely to pet a dog at a party or find trivial things to occupy yourself with rather than talking to the people there or you are at a team bonding event and you are forming “loner” then, there could be a problem.

2. You Avoid Confrontation

You find yourself back down in conversation often; you negotiate your views so as to avoid conflict. You would rather avoid experiencing rocky waters than express yourself honestly.

You are non-confrontational and prefer not to argue, even if it will vindicate you.

3. You Can’t Leave The House Without Make-Up

You gain a false sense of self-esteem from wearing make-up or primping. Instead of feeling self-esteem from within, you feel a need to primp in order to feel good about yourself.

4. You Take Constructive Criticism Too Personally

You tear up in the bathroom after a coworker gives you constructive criticism about your job performance; you wind up yelling at friends when they criticize your choice in a date. Instead of taking criticism objectively, you react emotionally.

5. You Are Often Afraid To Contribute Your Opinion In A Conversation

You find yourself second-guessing what you want to say before you say it, instead of diving into the conversation without a thought.

You may even stutter and engage in negative self-talk.

6. You Are Indecisive Even When It Comes To Making Simple Decisions

You change your mind after coming to a simple decision, such as what activity to do with a friend or what food to eat. Then once you come to another decision, you change your mind over and over.

7. You Over Think Compliments

You reflect when someone pays you a genuine compliment, instead of graciously accepting the compliment.

8. You Give Up Easily

You give up on your goals and dreams before you have hardly started. You lack confidence in your success, so you give up altogether.

9. You Compare Yourself With Others

You pay extra attention to those you deem more successful than you, and let your own self-worth take a plummet as a result. Instead of focusing on your journey and your journey only, you constantly look at everyone else’s.

10. You Slouch And Don’t Stand Proud

You display a low body stance: you do not stand tall, but instead let your body slouch downwards, sending the message that you are not proud of yourself.

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