Friday, February 21, 2020
Oral Sex Etiquette: Become A Fantastic Receiver

Oral Sex Etiquette: Become A Fantastic Receiver


For most people, oral sex is a big deal when it comes to intercourse and it goes as good as how comfortable both parties are with it. Some like to give and some prefer to be the ones receiving.

But what both parties agree on is how well it should go, whether you are on the giving or receiving end. Now, we already know that the way cunnilingus goes is largely dependent on how good the person doing it to you is.

Yet, the person receiving it also plays an important role. There are a few rules already like don’t just lie there like a log of wood, make sure your vagina or penis is clean before you ask them to go down on you and so forth.

However, there are certain ways that make up the right way to receive oral sex. It is simple etiquettes like:

1. Best Positions

The best position to receive oral sex in is whichever position is comfortable for you. Do you want it standing up, sitting down, lying down, on top of their face, it is entirely up to you.

2. Don’t Drink Too Much Before It

Men, the number 1 reason why you are not ascending to cloud 9 faster than you’d like is that you were drinking heavily before oral sex. Alcohol slows down your performance and your abilities to climax faster.

3. When In Doubt Don’t Use Your Hands

Dear, if you don’t know what to do with your hands, don’t use them. Though your hands are naturally wired to hold onto whatever is close, how you place them is very important.

Now, you either want to place it gently on their shoulders, stroke their hair slowly (slightly pull it as you stroke) and be gentle. You don’t want to grab too tight or pull too hard.

Just be gentle and sensuous with your hand.

Ultimate rules: Rinse your mouth before you suck on their genitals and clean up your genital before demanding they go down on you.

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