I can’t decide who is more religious these days, Christians or atheists. My first thought is Christians though, I have more experience with them. A few days ago, I told a believer, ” please sir can you pretend you can attempt a logical analysis without a need to bully me with bible reference?” cos you will be having a conversation with someone, something pretty basic and from no where someone uproots scriptures and hit you.

If you try that with me in real life, you don’t know me oh,  you will not go home that day. I will give you 20 scriptures you are defaulting every single day.  I do this and people decide it doesn’t apply. Your own apply and my own don’t? The devil is a liar.  When you grow up, we can go back to the main discourse and reason like adults.

That’s the trend especially on Social Media. The implication of this is that most of us can’t travel out, cos I don’t see how you will be talking to Oyinbo and the next thing out of your mouth is “the Bible says or according to African Values”

So with atheist started sprouting here and there me I was like at least we will have sound arguments as I honestly don’t care what you worship except you are asking for my hand in marriage. But not Nigerian atheists, you cannot have normal conversation without that acrimonious stance against Christians and Muslims like you stole their goat.

Nigerian Atheists will come to your wall and ask you about your God, comment on your wall about your God, goad you to have a conversation about your God, post about your God… Wait! Is atheism the new religion? The new sect? Cos what you do all day is look for your kind, form affiliations and mock Christians or Muslim. An atheist who spends all his waking moment talking about religion is a what?

Nigerian Atheists are clearly religious people who really really don’t like other religions.

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