The video of a heavily pregnant woman carrying two children and a huge pile of fire wood on her head while the husband strolls behind her has been trending. This shocking video have been met with even more shocking comments.  I doubt if anyone does it better in the comments segments than Nigerians, we take off the cloak of pretence and can be “our real self”

Check it out…

Culture. Winks winks. Colonialism come back!
Idea man


Real man!!!!
Hmm! Over to you
Simply put, Betty is not okay
Huh?! Don’t bring Bible into your shenanigans
In deep voice, we are Africans…


Haha. Yeye somebody
Matured one


Timeless logic 1


Timeless Logic 2
Exercise fall on you sir
This brain though
Slay queens and feminists it is your fault

And finally this guy that can blend it all.


Ermmm… I don’t know what to say, but hope you had an eye opening experience.

Credit: Gossip Mill

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