Yesterday, I overheard this conversation in a bus. The girl said, “Baby, if I slap you, will you slap me back?”

The guy smiled and said, “we were not raised like that, I will walk away”

Me: Chisos hol me! ?

Girl: What if I cheat on you and apologise will you forgive me?

The guy was uncomfortable, he looked around, muttered something but the girl pressed on, “talk now, talk now” she was pinching, pushing, stressing him in the bus, I wonder what she does when they are alone.

I was losing my mind. It took me years of home training not to scream at her and tell him that, “my dear, if this emotional terrorist of a girlfriend slaps you, slap her until she faints”

Goddammit! We weren’t raised like that too but if you slap me or my brothers, you will be admitted in the General hospital and by God if you cheat… Just forgetteeth.

Some years ago, a boyfriend asked me if he ever cheated on me in marriage what I would do, I said I will divorce you right away.

He was vexed, he said he couldn’t believe he was dating and going to marry someone who thought divorce was an option.
That made two of us, I couldn’t believe I was dating someone who thought cheating was in his DNA.

He said cheating wasn’t the same thing as divorce, “God hate divorce!” He screamed.

And loves adultery abi? I yelled back. That’s not the only thing God hates by the way, read Proverbs 6:16-20.I added.

Just before you ask anyone that stupid question, ask yourself, slap dey pain?

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