For the life of me, I don’t understand why we hate slay queens, folks whose only crime is being fashionable and then go ahead  to define them as if more clothing is synonymous to good character.

I will never forget The Lord Chosen woman who lives at the house that has Well. We used to fetch water there when we didn’t have, the whole street can testify she is wicked and she is often dressed like the woman below.

The Lord chosen dress code

Neither can I unsee and unhear the hijab wearing aunty who was bent at one corner in the dark as she whispered in a flushed voice, “put it in, I am not wearing pant”

Hijab wearing women

Let’s not deviate, most times, my exasperation for the constant insult on “Slay Queens” is met with folks who say “Their dress codes is against African Values”

Hol up! I think most folks don’t even know anything about this “African Values” they peddle, it just something they waltz into when it’s convenient and they don’t want to think. What most people call African Values is a byproduct of colonization.

Colonial killers more like

Remember them? Good. Now this “Bible Life” dressing was not inspired by the Holy Spirit at all. Slave masters had black folks wear this for differentiation.

Clothes for slaves

Remind of you of something?  My point exactly. The next  photos are “Rich African Culture” from Ethiopia and Guinea Bissau that still happen to this day.

African culture

If we were still dressing like “real Africans, for a nation that is still contemplating producing pencils, we might as well be be wearing dyed raffia.

A dance festival

You really need to stop this nonsense of using “Our African values and tradition” for every silly, conceited argument. It sounds tragically ignorant especially since you are using a smartphone and have access to google. I think the only reason women who slay are hated is that for once most of them refuse to to be told what choices to make, which by the way is an African value.


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