“Na him cause am oh,
Ugh uhhh him just come our house,
“And she was in form of playing with me before I come try to meet her”
“But my this something no enter before I come use hand”

These were the words that came out from Monday Ekpade’s mouth, a 59-year-old HIV sufferer who admitted to sexually defiling a 6-year-old twice in Agbor of Delta State.

Although the police says it could be more. He blames the devil then the victim, a minor for “coming to their house and playing with him”

An official of the Delta State Ministry of Justice has stated that the suspect will be prosecuted speedily. He says the Ministry has zero tolerance for rape and defilement matters and has created a special unit to prosecute rape and defilement.
He adds that this is to cope with the alarming upsurge in rape and defilement scourges particularly in the Sapele area of the state.


I hope the State also plans on a Rehabilitation Center, a Sensitization Programme. Two things we must take from this. My findings show that Africa is not a safe place for young girls as they are six times more likely to be sexually abused than their male counterparts.

This is because of practices like “The Hyena” a practice in Malawi where young girls and widows are forced to go for sexual cleansing by sleeping with a particular man who may have slept with the entire village.

Early and forced marriages in some parts of Nigeria, to men who have had multiple sexual partners and in some cases, a raped case is settled over a bottle of schnapps and a small sum, even marriage.

A belief prevalent in South Africa and some other parts of Africa avers that sleeping with a virgin can cure the HIV virus. Just perhaps that was the motivation of Monday, the suspect who resides in Agbor, Delta State.

There is also the deadly sense of entitlement by husbands and boyfriends who believe that they own a woman and believe that if he visits him, he buys her drink, he has earned the right to sleep with her without her consent.

And sadly, the “groomers” trend as grown men attempt to boycott runs girls and slay queens for “naive and loyal girls” who are still virgins and governable.

And despite these, there is still the Blame Game. Did you know that if this girl was a little older, say in her late teens or twenties, members of the community, the police and even her parents may have believed Monday, 59, that she “caused it” and questions like, “why did she go to his house, what was she wearing, why didn’t she shout if she didn’t enjoy it? would have surfaced.

Rape and sexual defilement is no longer a “fancy” women/feminists problem, these monsters target kids, your kids, our kids not just “those bad eggs” and every state government, individuals and organizations must tackle it like the malignant problem that it is.

Credit: TVC,  Ministry of Justice, Asaba

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