Instagram and Facebook went frenzy when BankyW announced his engagement to the beautiful Adesuwa Etomi. It was greeted with so much happiness and e-love as the Wedding Party movie couple took their romance off the big screen to real life.

In beautiful letters on Facebook and Instagram the couples revealed that they had said yes since February but one guy was seriously disappointed. His reason is mind-blowing.

Bamisaye Olusegun Ayanfe commented on Facebook on a friend’s wall that, ”

This kneeling down nonsense in the name of proposal after them don nack themselves like 20 billion times… Sure the babe can’t be a virgin, so what’s so special about her…. I am an African to the core…..  yio ba iyalaya western culture. I’ll rather marry a local young virgin and groom her to my taste”

Of course, that comment was met with several oppositions. But Bamisaye proved to be a trained and certified blubbering idiot. He slutshamed women who commented and attacked the mothers of men who pointed him to the right.

Yet another “groomer” sighs. Ifediata comes to mind. I have always wondered why many Nigerians were so obsessed with the vagina but perhaps we have a deadlier problem, the obsession of children’s vagina. For God’s sakes! This is not 1960, it is 2017 and the the girl child should be trained to fly a plane, cure cancer, become president  not have her genitals “groomed to taste” to satisfy a raving imbecile.

In 2017, two people express pure love and all this idiot sees is that they have “nack 20 billion times” is sex food? Even food, 20 billion times? Does he think everyone is as perverted and damaged as he is?

The hymen is made of tissue and blood, it is broken by one thrust, what is special about the hymen? Who has achieved international feat, national award , even local recognition for the hymenation? Does it truly high-men? Will he lick the blood or keep the stained sheets in an aquarium?

Is he a virgin? No. Is he looking for an adult that is a virgin? No. He wants a child he can groom. Abuse, destroy, denigrate really.

His defense, our mothers married as virgins, he insists virginity is an African culture. Same culture that used to give out their daughters at age 13. What should children be at that age really if not virgins?

But this demon blames the western culture… Western culture that will ostracize you for mentioning such thoughts and put you behind bars if you ever mess with a child.

No more words.


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