…He wasn’t home when I got there so I let myself in. He wasn’t taking my calls either, I wondered why. If he wasn’t going to be home, why had he invited me over?

I would wait a bit, I decided. I was too tired to start the journey back anyways. As soon as my head touched the bed, I drifted into a dreamy sleep.

See as this one sleep like goat” He hissed.
I wanted to respond but the words didn’t form. I was still in my dream life when his voice became louder and hastened, “Madam, madam, wake up!” His hands hitting mine.

My eyes opened. I wanted to know if he had said something I didn’t hear, he said no. I greeted him and asked him where he had been.
He picked his enthusiasm. “Yes, we had a program in church, very interesting one.

You didn’t tell me”

Yeah, I didn’t want to bother you.
“Ermmm, did you cook?”


“Haba! Why nau?! That’s why I called you to come nau, so you will cook before I come back” He was not happy. But stopped himself from grumbling.

Madam why are you looking at me like that?
“Shey you won’t cook ni?

“You don vex? Oya no vex. I’m just hungry and disappointed in you, seriously I expected that as I’m coming back, since I have someone like you, I will meet a nice meal at home” He was so good at this.

Did I not tell you, I wasn’t feeling okay and you said I should come so that you can take care of me? “

“Oh! I thought you are better nau, Pele oh! Awon Sickler” He had a half smile.

“You will take offense again, I’m joking…” He rattled on.

You know what pastor said in church today?” He rubbed his hands gleefully in attempt to change the topic.

No apparently” I was tired.

Would you like your child to be like me? His eyes danced excitedly.

I was confused. I didn’t understand how we pivoted from that conversation to this one in nano seconds but at least that one was depressing me to death and I was close to committing murder.

He resumed, “Pastor said, it was important to be with someone or marry someone you will be happy if your child become.

“I don’t mind having a daughter like you, you want your son to be like me right?

Tekena and I have been having issues for months, he was many undesirable things especially lately but I loved him and was learning to ignore.
But in that my one moment of weakness, I was terrified. He looked at me and despair crossed his face. I didn’t know what he saw in my eyes but he knew. He was hurt, then angry, then confused.

We knew I would rather die than bring his clone into the world.

I tried to disentangle his grip from my shoulders but his fingers dug in…


  1. This is interesting. The story ends abruptly when I was beginning to savour it. I really love the skills deployed to pass the message. I will advice if this piece can be developed into a full novel. I want some more, how did the story end? Big question, great message – will you like your child become who you are?

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