Yes! Even the blind can see that Nigeria is robbed blind by her politicians, these recent loot recoveries just leaves you in awe and fear, you want to deny this country. How can so much be in an abandoned building, yet kids can’t afford pipe born water?

I have often seen believers speak loudly about their travesty in Nigeria, heard their support for Buhari(APC) or Jonathan(PDP). Every pastor and Imam have done at least one “Save Nigeria Prayer Conference, we have fasted, we have prayed.

I see men stand at Newspaper Stands, commercial buses spark with political outrage at every turn, Facebook is no longer business as usual, it is lit with men and women who can analyze the Nigerian problems in Lean Six Sigma, A3, 5Why methodology, Kepner-Tregoe Decision Analysis and other problem solving methods.

I have heard manifestos and creative solutions even Obama’s strategic team would envy. So I say to them, you are very good at this, go into politics, and they unravel.

“Argghh! Nigerian politics is a ‘detty’ game,
“You cannot enter it and come out unsoiled,
“You may not survive except you become like them”

They go ahead to add how most Nigerian politicians always lean on occultic and supernatural powers from the underworld. We are talking spirit filled, Holy Ghost kabashing believers.

My Muslim brothers are not left us, “they do not want to be tainted by the muck that is Nigeria’s politic-sphere. Good men cover with fear and trepidation, they will not even vote for the good man, they will attempt to choose a lesser evil. The only place their headship is good enough is on top of madam.

And yes, this murky political water does soil and corrupt people, look at Abati, if he not talking about penile distraction in the corridors of power he is giving full description of TBoss’s breasts. Each one who had made sense before the appointment are now concerned with stomach infrastructure.

So we leave it for people like Dino and Saraki, Tinubu and Fayose, Ajimobi and Okorocha who have nothing, but guts and what again? Guts.

Yes, bad leaders have robbed this country, but not as much as FEAR has. Not as much as good people who are sound in judgement, who are honest and diligent, who love this nation,  who love people,  who have integrity,  who are not thieves and rogues have.

You have robbed this country by letting bad people rule.


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