Today, I saw two women fighting over a man, it was ugly. What was funny if not tragic was how both boldly claimed they were the man’s first choice and how he said he was just using the other. Whoever this man was, he was truly a genius.

“Una no dey shame?” An elderly woman tried to prevail on them but one kept insisting how she was doing the right thing.  She claims, she was there first, the other lady seduced her man,  the other lady knew her and disrespected her.

Have you ever fought a woman because of a man? Do you think it was justified? Are you asking me? Emmm, yes! I won’t say I slapped her because of the man though, what can I say? She had it coming but you can judge me. That’s fine, I can takeet

Many moons ago, I realized my boyfriend had made a new friend and they always stuck together. She lived opposite his house. At first I didn’t care, she was way younger and my boyfriend said he was just “mentoring” her.

One major problem however, was that each time I came around, she was disgusted. It got worse when one day I came around and his door was locked and bobo swore by all the gods he could think of that, it was nothing. I wasn’t happy but we settled like First Loves do.

But you know younger girls who your boyfriend is messing with nau, she became brazen. I wasn’t seeing them together anymore but she was forming rivalry.

This faithful day, I came and they were outside, upon seeing them, I walked slowly, expecting them to do perhaps what people with normal commonsense would do, maybe my bobo would walk to me. He didn’t. I came to a halt and finally, he left her to meet me. I attempted to respond normally until we went inside.

I am still doing pleasantries when girl flies to meet us, “Madam, you come you will frown, you don’t want people to talk to your boyfriend abi, no be only you… ” She was saying and whether out of gesticulations or war, her hand touched my shoulder.

I don’t think my hand has ever moved so fast in my entire life, it connected with her jaw and behold, an abara was born. Everyone, especially my boyfriend was shocked. They was no need to separate, I happily separated myself as she panted, ranted, and turned red.

One big bros held me, he was disappointed in me, of course, I was disappointed in me too so there was no need for long sermon, I went home and told Pat, my childhood bestie.

We agreed on something, it was still wrong to fight another woman because of a man but that girl, she deserved that slap.

Oya, berate me.

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