The above photo took the internet by storm this past week when it appeared a man, who goes by Emamuzo from Delta State was set to marry two brides, Janet and Osioni on  the same day.

Our Intel gathered from a close family member in Uro-Urri who will not be named that the smiling lady, Janet is the woman Emamuzo had wanted to marry all along.

Along the line something came up and he traveled. When he returned, Janet was angry with him that he had not told her about the trip. Gist around the village says,  He pleaded and apologised yet she refused ending the relationship in the process.

Our unnamed source adds that, members of Emamuzo ‘s family had been invited to settle the dispute but it appeared Janet’s mind was made up.

After a short while, Emamuzo met with the lady that is not smiling, Osioni and before anyone can say “Where is Melaye’s certificate? She was pregnant.

Fiam!  Janet comes out from nowhere and says she has forgiven Emamuzo. Emamuzo told her it was her fault he had someone else who was already carrying his child but Janet said no wahala that he should prepare to marry them both.

The Happy Triple


And that is how residents of the Isoko speaking village witnessed its multiple marriage in the 21st Century. Our Intel gathered that Emamuzo has enough money to make sure his kinsmen make this happen and has done this purely out of love for his old flame, Janet and the mother of his unborn child, Osioni.

Isoko Waadoo! What can we say?

May they live threegether forever.

What would you do in Emamuzo’s position?

Share your thoughts.


  1. No be by force to keep old flame o… As she shakara go, na so me sef go do am shakara back & go ahead with d belle’d lady bcod dis era no b time for “do anyhow” cos e sure die say u must “see anyhow”…

  2. “After a short while, Emamuzo met with the lady that is not smiling, Osioni and before anyone can say “Where is Melaye’s certificate? She was pregnant.”

    Hahahahahaha. I would have married Janet if i still love her while Osioni remains a baby mama. However, if what i shared and still share with Osioni is more than sex cum pregnancy, na she i go marry ooo. Janet don miss am be dat. after all i beg am taya and she no gree.

  3. Comment: Impregnating someone is not any dumber than allowing the so called initial love walk in and out of your life at will like it’s a shopping mall

  4. Who do I blame sef – Emamuzo, Janet, Osioni or the society that allow such rubbish take place? Is it that “capable” men are scarce in the Isoko speaking village or that it’s over-populated by “so-so” women? My fear is how bad things spread like virus in this country … hopefully, we won’t witness a S/W version very soon!!!

    • Hehehe. Very sad indeed. I have wondered how his kinsmen allowed this to happen myself but maybe like Emamuzo they wanted to make history too.

  5. Emamuzo is not the first Nigerian to marry multiple brides. Fela did. It never encouraged others. Marrying one wife is not beans o. I feel for the poor bloke.

  6. “As you lay your bed, so you will lie on it.” He has laid his bed with two different women, so his legacy will forever be divided. His soul will also be divided, because each woman will love to claim it for her own.

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