This guy adds me on Facebook and sends an effusive rejoinder of how glad he is I accepted. In the same spirit, I quickly scan his timeline and tell him I think he is special.

A few weeks on, he sends a message, one of my timeline gave away location  and he is in the area, can we do lunch? He says.

I scan his profile more intently and say, ermmm (what the heck? It is just food) OK.  We fixed lunch for tomorrow.

While I am trying to navigate traffic the next day, he beeps, he can’t make it. He was robbed. I say sorry, hope you are okay? Okay. I was “kuku” thinking of how I wee form Dutch based on acquired feminists  with a diminished wallet. (winks)

3 months later, it is him I see in my office pitching a proposal to my boss, my boss says I should pick from 3. I don’t pick him, maybe because I am angry or because the other ther group was better and impressed us and we don’t run a “I know you from Facebook” scheme.
Fast forward to yesterday, same guy is pitching for our sister company, it is me again they call to make the choice. I recognize his work and go ahead to adjust his proposal so we can take him, and just then my assistant comes along.

“Same guy? I wonder what he will say on Facebook if you don’t pick him again? She had a half snarl.

What’s going on? What did he say before? I wanted to know. No. I needed to know.

Apparently, Bobo had come on Facebook after leaving the last time to shade/sub “girls and women who take it badly when they are turned down”
In fact, one of his minions had added, “Karashika on prowl” Egbamike!!! See my life on fleek…

Iyene, that is how small me metaphorsed to the witch holding his destiny to ransom as I am sure that would be his prayer point. (Wicked Laugh)

I have till Monday to make that decision, I am not feeling nice at all, what should I do?

Tonia form Timbuktu

Note: The claimant prefers to remain anonymous.


  1. Wait you call him “special ” and agree to have free lunch with him and yet you turn his proposal down because you don’t run a ” I know you from Facebook scheme”? You be proper witch! Quietly approve the proposal joor

    • Ouch! He called off the date not her And of course this is business not Facebook but what do I know? Thanks for your thoughts

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