I had an intense discourse with two sore men who swore women are evil.
The driver thought girls like me loved money and would not settle with struggling men, he swears that you over ambitious girls will not see husbands. Relax, Mama is a Prayer Warrior so the first thing I did when I got home was ask her to break every curse. She insisted that you are curseless and no curse can stand but just in case you have active village people who are looking for small thing to misbehave, she binded and casted. I will let her know you appreciate.

The other passenger said Anambra people are useless, especially their girls. You know I had served there now, and I love women too much, I had to respond.

Normally I would have blasted them to Hades and back but somebody is getting too old for wahala and this past week, I have heard things and stress almost killed me plus I have realised it is a privilege to be knowledgeable, some people will not get to that stage, ever. Sad but true. 

Both have been cut by their respective women, the driver lowered his voice as he told me how he gave his first wife everything and she still cheated. The young passenger had spent 6 years loving a girl who told him in the most tactless manner how he wasn’t good enough because he was not Igbo.

Perception, exposure, religious indoctrination, flawed upbringing and hurt are some of the reasons for misguided, extreme ideologies and generalizations. And everyday, you see people trying to force these down unsuspecting spouses, colleagues, friends, social media etc.

Yes, you may have a reason to cast aspersions on a particular tribe, race or sex but it is important to ask key questions like,:

Is it possible for people to use my character, behavior or action to map an entire tribe? Would they be justified?

And just before we completely agree you were hurt, are you sure you are the only victim?

Is it also possible you are stuck in the other divide of the ferocious knowledge gap permeating the society and have refused to arm your self with info that keeps you at the top of your game and makes you evolve?

My question to the driver was, if your daughter brings a rich man home, will you chase him way? He says no. So why are you so angry that another man’s child wants a better life?

He insists he gives his new wife 600 Naira a day, sometimes one thousand and she will make soup but the last wife he gave her 800 and sometimes 1500 Naira and she complained. She took their daughter and married another man. He is sure the man is into “bad business”. I asked him who was raising his kid and he told me it was the new husband but he intends to take her when he can afford it.

Ha! Why? A Nigerian man who takes care of another man’s kid his wife used to sleep with must be “good”. He added however, that he used to drink too much before and that is when the wife started “misbehaving sha” but he stopped but it was too late

The Anambra Hurtee, admitted he saw signs she wasn’t that into him but he had ward it off.

After the long conversation both still thought women were evil but but sounded less bitter and used the beautiful word “Some” to start each statement.

And they both sounded logical all at once.

Try some today.

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