Remy Ma and Arsene Wenger are perhaps the biggest agbayas that ever liveth and they will take full credit for inspiring this write-up and you are wondering, how do these two even happen in the same breathe. Well they are typical examples of people who didn’t know when to stop.

The latter, Arsenal FC’s manager for the last 2 decades has blatantly refused to acknowledge that his time he up. He wishes to make something of his depleted career. It is a shame indeed.

Remy Ma released a follow up “Another one” to her savage “Shelter” diss on Nicki Minaj and twitter blew up cos you see nobody likes a bully. You should never pass the mark you aimed for. Even in victory you should know when to stop.

Most Facebook shaders and Subbers are like Remy Ma, they go on and on until they themselves are beneath their foe.

Another set of not knowing when to stop peeps has got to be African politicians. The end is always humbling.

Here are some other classic real life examples.

When our friend broke up with his girlfriend of 7 years Ola, she came to talk to me and all of our friends to beg our guy, we did, it didn’t work, she told his boss, told his pastors, told his mum, told his landlord, told his uncles, she went to his house everyday for 3weeks to beg him, went to the new chic’s house to fight her then beg her.

Ola still came and made trouble during the new gal’s Introduction, the traditional marriage, the white wedding, in fact, she stood up and pastor took her inside, they talked for one hour and my friend still married someone else. She then continued to harass the couple until one day, she was hit by a car….”

“When my new college resumed, I wanted him to know who was boss. I used to bully him and this guy was one hell of a scared cockroach. One day, I kept going on and on in the office, it was so bad everyone else stopped laughing. Suddenly man sprung up from his chair like an animal and gave me an upper cut. I should have shut up but I told him even his blow was like a girl. U released the legion Jesus had cast. He attacked me like demons. We have both been placed on suspension without pay, that is not my biggest problem, I honestly think I have spinal cord injury although the doctor thinks otherwise”

” He had all the trappings of Mr. Perfect until one day he removed his shirt in front of me and the scars looked like graffiti. He said it was from back in the day things but he is as clean as a bullet now. Another time we met his friends and they talked in codes for an hour (they spoke English and I didn’t understand Jack) then I found a gun in his wardrobe, he said it was for firing practice, another time, he had a bad injury and won’t go to the hospital. Right now, I am in the cell, half conscious they say he said he gave me something to keep…”

“My bestie’s boyfriend was a serious emotional abuser, it was crazy how my friend let him get away with near murder cases. He said the meanest stuff but somehow they still made up, he told her mum may have failed in raising her, he told her he wished she had a different skin color and was from a different tribe, he told her he wasn’t sexually attracted to her unless she looked liked Barbie, one day he told her, “You can never walk away, I own you” That is the last time he saw her…”

“I had this girl who really liked me, she gave me money too, then I became very greedy and entitled. There are days I knew I had gone off track, I wasn’t this person but this was fucking unbelievable to meet a young female blesser. Then one day, I told her she wasn’t doing enough, I made graver demands, I figured if she can do this, of course she could go all the way. She threw me away.”

We use to call my sister “Mighty Igor” she could fight the entire village. One day at Ring Road, she had an altercation with the woman selling Ugba. I told her that fighting in the market was “totally for mad people” she had already given the woman a sound slap, she had won but no! She was angry before long, two other women had bought the fight, we should go, I told her but she knew she could beat two of them. Who could have known that her fiance was watching the whole time and now says he is reconsidering his decision…”

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  1. We world people are like that na, when to stop is a luxury everyone cannot really afford, don’t blame them….

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