In 2015, Zulu King Goodwill Zwelithini gave the classic speech requesting “foreigners must pack their bags and go home”

He had reiterated “Now when you walk down the street you can’t recognize a shop you used to know because it has been taken over by foreigners who mess it up by hanging up rags.”
The King’s utterances on March 23rd launched an era of xenophobic attacks in South Africa, I had written an article on the matter stating that perhaps Xenophobia and tribal killing were fuelled by the same fire.
Excerpt of that article goes thus, “The gangrene of xenophobia as well as tribal killings is an age long rot in the African tooth that seems to be spreading to the brain. For why would a man employ wicked machineries to unleash evil on his brother? If the principle of equality is prevalent in a society why does the cliché about “man’s inhumanity to man” keep roaring? The dance of shame we have witnessed these past weeks coupled with those of recent years is an offshoot of bad leadership that loots the sanctity of various African nations, leaving its citizens to wallow below brotherhood line.”
Less than two years after, with new findings, I have cause to think that perhaps South Africans bad belle towards the rest Africans, Nigerians particularly is just “Penis Envy.”
Penis Envy is a theory that posits that some women (feminists particularly ) are envious of men for their endowments (acquisition of penis) but in this case permit me to use it loosely for sexual prowess.
Nigerians in South Africa are accused of (OVERDO) they do not just have incredible skill for business, drive for success and academic qualification but also are guilty of taking away their women.
Jide , a Nigerian Academic in South Africa submits, “It’s complicated really. First of all, we have here a society in which the local black population is still very much under economic and social disadvantage compared to the whites. A hundred years of oppression under apartheid has created a level of backwardness that two decades of democracy cannot erase. Mandela’s principle of non-retaliation against the whites means that whites and their children remain extremely rich and economically powerful from all the advantage they enjoyed under apartheid while a large portion of blacks are struggling. Now, in-comes Nigerians and a few other African nationals armed with education and skills that often put them on equal footing with the whites. There are strict laws that ensure that black South Africans are considered for positions first but when there is no local black with the skill level, trust Nigerians to move in, in droves.”
“While I’m tucked away in a “white” area where local blacks dare not come to cause trouble, our traders and artisans mostly live among the local blacks and due to our culture of family, discipline, hard work and other things that the years of apartheid have deeply eroded among the South Africans, our people are doing way better than the struggling blacks. A young Igbo guy moves into a neighborhood with nothing and in five years he’s buying up their property and renting it out to them! They just don’t get how that happens.
“One more thing, South African women (let me say women all over Africa really) have this taste for Nigerian men that I can’t explain. It is totally, unbelievably crazy. I just don’t get it. It’s one of the sources of tension if you can believe it.” 

Jide insists it is a “theory” as although some Nigerians are not exactly stellar parents and husbands, South African men are the definition of failure in that department.

Another anonymous source adds that most Nigerians have upped the “Toasting Game” in South Africa, while the locals who aren’t given to travelling out of the country, behave like British men and are “Stingy” to their women, Nigerian men are busy spending, taking them on vacations, lavishing money on them, building houses and buying cars for them and on top of that give them quite a good dose of penis satisfaction.

Why will they not be angry?” He empathized.

Note: This article is in no way attempting to downplay the barbaric actions meted on Nigerians and calls on the Nigerian and South African Governments to take swift action now!


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