Ihave never really had a pet even when times were good and recession was just a word.  The only time I came even close was when one of our neighbors,  we called him Aniewa on code which means ” Dog Owner” because well, he had a dog.

One time Aniewa had issues with the law, I can’t remember why now so he left Cindra his Rotwieller   I am not very sure what breed it was, in our care. At first, Cindra was unapproachable but hunger is a humbler. He became our dog. I was there for him when he had his litters. When the selling was ongoing, I told Mama I wanted one but she said, all her eba was strictly for humans.

At the end of that month, only one was left, our landlady bought it and named it, Gbolahan. Who christens a dog Gbolahan for Crissakes! The thin dog was scrawny and had eyes like juju, a complete departure from Cindra. I hated it.

Some years later, Cindra died. Rumor has it that some bad boys gave her igbo. She became quite unpleasant in her last years  they had to take her down. God knows I couldn’t eat that babe. 

I have kept all this to my chest but yesterday, I was feeling like the Age of Adaline so I announced to Mama I wanted a pet. The way the woman screamed I honestly  thought I had mistakenly told  her someone died.

But Mama why not? She reiterated Garri is 800 Naira for paint rubber and a litre of palm oil is 1000. Of course, I wont give my dog Eba, So I brought my book and pen and started drawing budget on how best take care of my dream pet in recession.

A Chihuahua is small and hairless. Maybe a few visit to the Vet won’t kill me. But it is expensive to buy. Plus I want a fine dog. Fur-ever friend and housemate, not “Bingo” say like a Havanese or an Australian Shepherd. But will I be able to achieve chicken, milk and biscuits? These questions are as important as when will Buhari return.

A quick peek at a typical dog dinner recipe can make you give up on life.

God of Adam! How can someone like me take care of your creatures. You better do something Lord, you better.

I have since shelved my desire to own a pet, I must admit grudgingly that I am waiting and praying for a rich man who will share this burden with me.

Fellow pet lovers what are you waiting for?

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  1. So my husband once shared his dream of owning two hefty foreign breed dogs and I laughed.
    My family had this mixed breed, can’t remember what was mixed with local but it was beautiful. We called him Teddy, brown and black fur everywhere.
    Raising him was hectic. Too much money and time. So this husband of mine who can calculate money and time like an accountant now wants pet?
    I am sure he is joking.

    • Hehehehehehehehe. Thanks for sharing. Truly, it is not beans to raise a pet. Especially if you want it looking like Salvador not Bingo

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