What do you think of women who say, ‘Let me pray about it’ when a guy asks them out? Does it makes men think they are more spiritual?

James,  a Medical Practitioner counters, “Single Ladies pray, have been praying for a life partner, how come it is when the man finally show you now form you want to start praying?”

“Personally I don’t have anything about praying but I am against the announcement of such, any brother that believes a lady is more spiritual because she says she wants to go and pray is a “spiritual novice”,

“That prayer thing is a delay tactics at best.,

“To a large extent, I want to believe that if God has spoken to the brother, he has spoken to you too.”

Mr. Jesutofunmi aka Minister Effizey, writer (Married) agrees with James, he adds however, that ladies do the “prayer act” to confirm the following,

1. They want to be sure the man is sure
2. They are still struggling to decide if they want the man or not
3. Them no want the man, and they are not bold enough to say no, or don’t want to shatter the man’s heart by saying an outright no!

Damilare, a PR Consultant is rooting for praying sisters, he says that he believes some people just believe in hearing from God before taking steps, “I believe God leads in different ways, hence they pray”

On the contrary, he insists that it doesn’t score any spiritual points with menfolk.

Opeyemi, a writer recounts his ordeal, “I will not toast a girl that will give me that answer.

“Something happened once, I told her we should get serious, she said she had to go and talk to her spiritual mentor. I just waka.
“I think it’s a person specific thing, but it doesn’t make me feel you are a “Cherubim and Seraphim” woman because you say you want to pray, why are you telling me?

“I expect Christians to pray about their relationship choices, we don’t most times or better put, don’t do well. 

“But get clarity for you, don’t blackmail me to feel our relationship has either gotten a heavenly backing or not”

While Idemudia, Business man does not have a problem with praying women, his only issue is with women who say they make these decisions based on prophecy from a man of God when they are not fully convinced about the person in question.

“Where we can ask them for guidance, the decision is totally ours to make”

Bouquiey, Researcher (Married) says, “The idea is like this: sisters feel they have to tell the guy to wait, so it doesn’t look like they have been waiting all their life to have him,
“It is like a norm with “Jesus Sisters” a spiritual jacket they wear upandan,

“Normally, they should just say yes, tell him they need time to consider a few things, or know him better, but they feel the man will rant and rave like a stubborn goat, it’s better the delay is Padded and Served with Religious Stew.”

Emmanuel, a preacher insists that 8 out of 10 women who say they are praying about it aren’t.

want to give some ladies the benefit of doubt but more often than not, I will pray about it in the real sense means, ‘let me consider my options, let me check if you will be rich or broke forever, I will pray about most of the time is an analysis of the brother’s  life’
“While there is nothing wrong with that, it gets annoying when 6months/one year and no response, I begin to wonder whether the prayer is to a piece of wood.

And really how does she tell when she is emotionally involved, if it truly matters to you, then you should get people to pray about it.

“But it is your decision to make, the guy proposed to you not to God.”

I agree with most of the assertions here and I am actively  working on not disdaining the “praying about it” response. Personally, I would be offended if someone I have been friends with told me he wanted to pray because I wanted something deeper, I don turn demon in that moment ni?

Yes, I feel the announcement is cheesy and unnecessary. It is showoff. I will add that most women do it to inflate their self esteem, so they can appear uncheap and spiritual when they narrate the proposal story years later and so that at the end of the day they can brag that if not for God, the man wouldn’t have got them. It is also easy to blame God when things don’t work well. ‘But I consulted the Lord”

It still works but for “Surface Brothers” Research says most men don’t believe it and definitely don’t use it to rate spirituality.

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